Get Involved with the International Center of Photography


Image by Siobhan Landry

The International Center of Photography in New York City has served as a school, research center and museum for artists, students and scholars for over thirty years. It's one of the world's most-extensive and best-equipped schools for photography, and an important institution for the craft itself. A special promotion is currently running, which will save you $50 off of any course (including online courses). Read on to learn more about the ICP, see more images by instructors, get the $50 discount code, and get the details about the open house being held on September 18, 2013.

Image by Thomas Gardiner

The ICP was founded in 1974 by photographer Cornell Capa, with the intention of keeping the legacy of "Concerned Photography" (images that offer some kind of context of humanitarian documentary) alive. Since then, the ICP has presented over 500 exhibitions, and has expanded into a school that serves over 5,000 students a year, offering master's degree programs.

Image by Wesley Ham

In addition to its facility in Manhattan, the ICP now offers online photography courses. Three different online classes begin in October, 2013: 'Approaching Contemporary Photojournalism' with Ron Haviv, 'The Portrait, Visual Sincerity and the Construction of Truth' with Ben Gest, and 'Developing A Personal Vision' with Karen Marshall. You can save $50 on these classes with the code provided below.

Image by Stephanie DeRouge

You can presently save $50 off any course at The School of International Center of Photography. Simply visit, find a course you would like to take, and sign up for an account. When you register for the class, you must enter 13FBH50 into the box labeled "Promotional Code." This special offer expires on September 27, 2013.

Image by Saul Robbins

If you're going to be in or near New York City this month, you can meet faculty members and alumni, tour the facilities, learn about the One-Year Certificate and Degree programs, and even show your work to ICP staff by attending the open house on September 18, 2013. Please RSVP for the event. This can be done online by visiting this page, or by calling 212-857-0001. 

Image by Susie Cushner

The ICP offers over 400 courses, which range from traditional film and darkroom practice to digital media. You can do everything from studying alternative processes like wet-plate collodion, to taking Susie Cushner's Food Photography: A Natural Approach course. Black-and-white and color labs are available, in addition to a professional shooting studio and a digital video facilities. 

Image by Terttu Uibopuu

The ICP is an amazing institution which is dedicated to the practice and understanding of photography, and the reproduced image in all its forms. The best way to support it is to get involved! Take advantage of the $50 special offer, take a class, take your camera out and take your craft to the next level!