Hang Tough: Furniture & Mounts To Support Your Skinny TV


Now that your new HDTV has become a member of the family, it's time to reevaluate how well it fits its assigned space. There are practical and stylish options to consider from wall mounts that  save floor space to furniture that puts the TV on top while accommodating source components underneath. Some mounts secure the TV flush against the wall while others also enable the TV to be extended outward and swiveled around.

Your first decision is whether to place your flat-screen TV on furniture that also serves as an A/V rack or to exploit the TV’s thinness by hanging it on the wall. In terms of furniture, the choice comes down to modernistic or traditional. The former is often characterized by chrome and glass; the latter by wood and wax. Clearly, size matters. You can’t expect a stand designed for a 32-inch TV to contain a 63-inch TV. Mounts are similarly designed to accommodate a specific size range. If the front speakers (left, center, and right) aren’t attached to their own floor stands or wall mounts, there should be sufficient room for them atop the furniture. The furniture should contain enough shelf space to accommodate all your components. If there are doors, you’ll want to use the interior space to store discs or components that don’t require an unobstructed line of sight from an infrared remote. (Of course, you can always keep the door open when the component is in use.)

The Bell’O Pamari Collection 44" Two-Tone AV Rack/TV Stand, Model AV-1044 (left) is a strikingly modern platform for your TV and components that is open front and back. Putting two-feet and three shelves beneath your TV’s own built-in stand, the viewing height of the screen will be about where it should be when you’re sitting down with your head straight. The middle shelf, made from tempered safety glass, is perfect for a center speaker. The AV-1044 also features a cable management system (CMS) to hide wires and cables. The AV-1044 is compatible with LCD, plasma, and even slim rear projection TVs with screen diagonals up to 46-inches.

A well-equipped Bell’O AV-1044 AV Rack including center speaker

Fine wooden furniture adds a touch of warmth and elegance to the metallic stack of components in your home theater. Wood can also subtly absorb some of the sound from your speakers versus the guaranteed reflection off chrome and glass fixtures.

The Bell’O WAVS-325 Audio Video Wood Cabinet in polished dark mocha seats a screen up to 44-inches in size. External stereo speakers and a center speaker  can join the TV topside while the shelf just down below  can hold other components. Bell`O's CMS lets you make connections without detracting from the appearance of fine furniture. And since wood needs your attention, don’t forget the Bell’O FCL-2208 Furniture Polish Kit with included cloth.

Bell'O WAVS-325 Audio Video Wood Cabinet (Dark Mocha)

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a post-modern hybrid of steel and glass plus wood trim without doors, consider the Bell’O ASVC-2124 Versatile Wood Trim Audio Video System (for TVs up to 56-inches) or the Bell’O ASVC-2126 for TVs up to 65-inches. Both feature a high gloss black with cherry finish and unobstructed remote control of every component. It features a stylish curved Cherry wood trim front. The table is made from powder-coated, scratch-resistant metal in a glossy black finish and is complemented by black tempered safety glass shelves. An integrated CMS hides wires and cables. 

The Bell’O ASVC-2124 combines steel, glass, and wood

Suppose you want to mount your flat-screen TV on a wall, but you’re a renter or just don’t want to put holes in the wall. Or maybe the wall is made from bricks or cinder blocks, building materials which don't readily lend themselves to being poked. A practical solution is to set the Bell'O High-Gloss, Black Flat Panel TV Mounting System (Model FP4855HG) against any wall, and your TV will indeed look like it is hanging, painting-like. The FP4855HG holds at least four components and a center channel speaker. And it’s designed to hide the cables. The stand accommodates most flat panel TVs up to 52-inches not exceeding 125 pounds. By the way, though it looks like a piece of gym equipment, the ASVC-2124 's not.meant for holding pressing weights.

Bell’O High-Gloss Black Flat Panel TV Mounting System  FP4855HG

 As screens swell in size, the breadth of the TV’s perch must grow proportionally. Thanks to the thinness of today’s flat panel TVs, though, about the only furniture dimension that matters besides weight load is width.

The Bell'O AVS-2762 Two-Tone Steel A/V System Furniture (left) holds TVs up to 65-inches. If the set is 50- or 52-inches, the Bell’O’s 63-inch-wide top shelf easily fits front stereo speakers, too. Made from scratch-resistant steel and tempered safety glass, the AVS-2762 can hold at least six audio video components and a center speaker. Cables can be hidden in the structure.

Bell'O AVS-2762 Two-Tone Steel A/V System

Hang-on-the-wall TVs have been part of science fiction lore for much of the last century. Now that they’re an affordable science fact, not hanging them in your home like a work of art seems like a wasted opportunity. Luckily, standards are in place that align back panels and mounts from various manufacturers. So, your major concern is choosing a wall mount appropriate to the size and weight of the TV. You should also consider how much freedom you want in being able to adjust the screen’s viewing position. Some mounts include articulated arms that let you pull the screen away from the wall so it can be pointed in more than one direction. To a lesser concern is the color, with the choice almost always silver or black.

The Sanus Virtual Axis Full Motion Mount, Model MF215S1 (right) can accept a flat-panel TV between 15- and 37-inches, not exceeding 60 lbs. Sanus Systems’ Virtual Axis 3D technology enables your TV to tilt, swivel, pan, and extend with fluid motion. When the TV isn’t flush against the mount, it can extend up to 15-inches away from the wall.

The Sanus Virtual Axis 3D Full-Motion Wall Mount, Model MF203B1 (left) is meant for small- to medium-size LCD TVs. The cup-shaped faceplate permits the TV to tilt and swivel, while the mount’s low profile places the screen only 3-inches from the wall. A decorative cover conceals the assembly and mounting hardware.

The Sanus VM400 Full-Motion Wall Mount (right) supports LCD TVs up to 80 pounds. in weight or 40-inches in size. The hinged arm that holds the TV  3.5-inches from the wall allows you to pull the set up to 20-inches away from the wall. Once extended, the screen can be tilted or swiveled with freedom in various directions. The mount, available in black or silver, is made from extruded aluminum and heavy-gauged steel. You won't have to twist your neck when you can twist the TV instead.

So, whether you decide to hang that television on a wall, place it on an A/V stand, or set it down on decorative furniture, stylish and practical options abound. Your TV will thank you – or at least your guests and pets should.