Harley Davidson Camera Cases


There are some really cool-looking, rugged digicams out there these days. But regardless of how much attitude your camera exudes while in your hand, the moment you tuck it away, it becomes just another vanilla-flavored weenie cam in a nebbish belt pouch. Not so with the new line of Harley Davidson digicam pouches from Olympus

Designed with Olympus in mind, but equally adept at carrying any brand of point-and-shoot camera as well as other digital techno-gewgaws, the Harley Davidson camera cases are made from suede-lined leather and carry with them the same "hawg"-inspired attitude of their biker-jacket siblings.

Harley Davidson Classic Case (upper left), Harley Davidson Traditional Case (upper right), Harley Davidson Saddle Bag (lower left), and Harley Davidson Touring Case (lower right)

Olympus Harley Davidson camera cases feature magnetic clasps, belt loops and slots for storing memory cards and a spare key for your ride. Along with "Flame Accenting," the Harley Davidson Classic Case features metal studs and a wrist strap, which in itself is an amusing set of features one wouldn't expect on anything associated with the Harley Davidson brand. For the more traditional among you, the Harley Davidson Traditional Case offers studs and a pocket chain in place of the wrist strap. 

In addition to shiny magnetic clasps and a belt loop, the Harley Davidson Saddle Bag Case sports a true biker-bag look, while the Harley Davidson Touring Case is a bit more subdued looking, though it does include a pocket chain for times when attitude counts.

Aside from your favorite digicam, all of the Harley Davidson cases mentioned above can also be used for toting cell phones, smartphones, PDAs, GPS units, and any similarly sized doodads you carry about on any given day. Finally, a camera bag that will coordinate perfectly with your Heritage Softail.

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I really like the case with the studs and it will go nicely with my HD Zippo case and my HD cell phone case and if anyone thinks I'm some kind of RUB (Rich Urban Biker), think again!!

I used to work for a company that designed purses, suitcases & swimwear for H-D.  After attending dealer shows, I agree that there isn't a single thing that doesn't have a H-D label on it, however (& unfortunately), this doesn't ensure liquidity for those that make the product or even for H-D.  The company that I worked for filed for bankruptcy in January and I lost my job as did all our employess.  Still, I do like these cases, but as someone above stated, the H-D logo does mean a higher retail price.

I see the Harley Haters are out and about....Pretty nice case for $30.

Easy rider with HD cases... Let's ride!!!!

OK, we're all branded with something. Shirt? Sox? Jeans? Shoes? Cmon. Yeah, I own a Harley, too. I can't believe how snide people get in these posts. Look like nice bags -- and yeah, you can buy just about anything with Harley Davidson on it. Perhaps that's why the brand is so enduring.

OK.  I need a new belt mounted camera case for my Olympus Stylus-9000, how much is the plainest looking belt mount pouch?  Availability, delivery?  Price?

Nothing against HD as I own 3; but, once HD is affixed to anything, bag or otherwise, the price will practically double.  I'll stick with my plain old camera bag. The bag would be a nice gift to someone who collects HD memorabilia. 

If you can't spell, don't comment.  Insulting someone else while you're showing your lack of intelligence isn't the brightest thing you could do.   

Seriously, what kind of tool actually needs a H.D. anything?

"Look at me, I'm so Easy Rider with my expense digicam and my Harley Davidson case. Oh my god now way! I'm, like, such a rebel."