How To Make a Motorcycle Do a 360°


You spin bike right round baby right roundProblem: my 700-pound motorcycle isn't twirling around. Solution: the Ortery PhotoCapture 360XL! This beefy turntable can spin heavy objects 360°, and it comes with software to photograph and animate the images for use on the Internet. Got a 700-pound iron horse that you need to sell on the Internet? Entice potential customers with a 360-degree animated slideshow view! Here's how you do it:

Step 1: Buy an Ortery PhotoCapture 360XL from B&H. It's like having a miniature amusement park in the corner of your home. 

Step 2: Carefully place the 700-pound hog on top of the PhotoCapture 360XL (and by the looks of that thumbnail image, you apparently need to defy the laws of gravity by balancing it on its rear kickstand).

Step 3: Plug a compatible camera into the Ortery PhotoCapture 360XL and the included software will do all the work of snapping synchronized pictures as the chopper spins.

In all seriousness, this is an amazing tool for any individual or an organization that needs an effective and fast method to create 360-degree animations of objects for the Internet. The animations generated by the included Image Creation Software are interactive, so the user can stop the animation with their mouse and turn it in any direction they please.

Ortery also makes smaller versions of the PhotoCapture for users who don't need to have rotating animations of refrigerators on their website. If you only need a 360-degree animation of a 5-inch vinyl toy named Sharky, then the entry-level PhotoCapture 360 will do the trick. It can handle up to 25 pounds of weight, has black and white turntable covers, and features the same computer integration and automated animation features as the big one.


If you need to step it up a bit, the PhotoCapture 360L can handle up to 250 pounds. Likewise, its chassis is a bit more robust. Again, all of the features are present in this model as well. Another model is available, called the PhotoCapture 360M, which can handle up to 100 pounds. This model isn't on the B&H website, but will be soon. We'll be sure to update this post and provide a link when it's available.

Currently, the included Image Creation Software is for Windows computers only. But fear not Mac lovers! A beta  for OS X has been in the works for a long time, and the offical realease of a Mac-compatible Image Creation Software is expected to be available July 1st! This exciting news makes me think of a lyric by the musical group Dead or Alive: "You spin me round round baby right round like a record baby round round round round."

As far as camera compatibility is concerned, these systems work with pretty much any Canon or Nikon SLR system with "Live View" capability (Rebel XS, 7D, 5D mkII, D90, D5000, etc). There are around 50 compatible cameras in all.

If you have any questions about turntables and panoramic stands, we would love to hear them in the Comments section!