iPad Cases


Even though the iPad has been on the market for less than a year, there are plenty of options for protective cases. If you got an iPad during the holidays this year and are in the market for a case, consider one of these protective sleeves, compact cases or messenger bags that were designed to be used with the iPad.

Macally BookStand


Available in a multitude of colors, the Macally BookStand is a form-fitting, folder-style case for the iPad. It features a microfiber front and back, and a suede interior that will not scratch the iPad’s rear case or display. It folds out and doubles as a desktop stand, perfect for setting the iPad on a desk for video playback.

M-Edge Hip Bag

Available in a conservative black-and tan-color scheme, M-Edge’s Hip Bag features a rugged canvas exterior and a soft microfiber interior. Its shoulder strap makes it easy to carry, its main compartment closes with a zipper, and two exterior pockets are there to hold headphones, a cell phone or other accessories.

M-Edge Method Portfolio

If you’d prefer a portfolio-style case for your iPad, consider the Method Portfolio from M-Edge. The zippered leather case can hold the iPad, four credit cards, your ID, a pad of paper, pens, the Apple Bluetooth keyboard, headphones and a cell phone! It’s an excellent option for businesspeople who would like to carry their iPad with them in style, to meetings or on when traveling.

Otter Box Defender

Otter Box’s Defender case for the iPad features a three-layer drop-proof protection system, making it a great option for the acrobatic iPad owner. When you’re not using the iPad, the case's polycarbonate cover protects its screen from damage. You can snap that cover onto the back for handheld use, and it doubles as a stand for desktop use. Silicone grip pads make it comfortable to hold, and silicone plugs protect the iPad’s ports.

iSkin Vue Case

If you’re looking to add a flash of color to your iPad, while at the same time protecting it, consider iSkin’s Vue Case. Available in a variety of eye-skinning colors, the case is constructed from hard plastic and rubberized polymer. The plastic protects the bezel and back of the iPad, while the polymer is placed around the edges for enhanced shock protection, and to give you a better grip on the device. The dock connector is protected by a hatch, which can be easily opened for docking and charging.

M-Edge Leisure Jacket


The Leisure Jacket from M-Edge is a nylon-zippered case that protects the iPad from dust, dirt and scratches. It features a clear vinyl screen protector, which allows for multi-touch input without sacrificing protection. The double-closing zipper allows you to connect a dock cable without removing the iPad from the case. An exterior accessory pocket is present for headphones, a dock cable and other accessories. The Leisure Jacket is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose one that best suits your style.

M-Edge Latitude Jacket

The Latitude Jacket is another in M-Edge’s line of nylon-zippered cases for the iPad. The clamshell design of this one requires you to open it in order to use the iPad. It features a fleece interior, guarding the iPad against scratches. An eyelet is present for headphone-cord management, preventing tangles. There is a rear exterior pocket for additional storage, and a built-in stand allows you to set the iPad on a desk for upright use. Just like the Leisure Jacket, the Latitude is available in a number of different colors.