iPod Accessories


Ever wish you could get a little more functionality out of your iPod? Worried about protecting it from scratches? There are hundreds of accessories available for iPod music players. If you acquired an iPod this year, or if you’re simply looking to enhance your tried-and-true MP3 player, consider one of the following.

Griffin Technology iTrip FM Transmitter

Using your iPod in your car can often be a challenge. While newer vehicles may ship with a USB port or even an iPod dock connector built in, chances are your vehicle doesn’t have an easy way of connecting your iPod. A lot of folks opt for a cassette tape adapter, but if your car doesn’t have a tape deck you’ll have to consider other options.

The iTrip from Griffin is an FM transmitter that connects to your iPod’s dock. It transmits audio via the FM radio frequency of your choice, so you are supposed to choose one that is not occupied by a local radio station. You’ll have three presets available, allowing you to quickly change the transmission frequency in case of interference. You can also toggle between stereo and mono transmission.

A bright OLED display shows you the frequency, and onboard controls allow you to change tracks and pause audio. A pass-through connection allows you to plug the iTrip into a USB port—or an optional car charger with USB ports—to power the device and charge your iPod at the same time. Griffin offers a free iTrip Controller App via the iTunes store, which lets you control the iTrip with your iPod touch’s or iPhone’s multi-touch display.

The Sanctuary from Bluelounge

Back in the days when men wore hats and suits at all times, men would come home and deposit their wallet and other sundry items in a valet—a handcrafted, luxurious wood box that would protect their possessions until it was time to head back to the office the next day.

Most folks don’t dress like they’re extras on Mad Men anymore, but there is still a need to organize one’s daily essentials at the end of the day. The Sanctuary by Bluelounge is a small container with a classy wood grain and a leather-lined interior. It also features a standard AC power adapter, which allows it to double as a charging station for your iPod, cell phone, and Bluetooth headset. Twelve built-in power connectors make it compatible with a slew of phones and devices.

Zeiss cinemizer plus Video Eyewear

If you constantly watch video on the small screen of your iPod or iPhone, consider the cinemizer plus video glasses from Zeiss. They connect to your iPod via an included adapter cable, and are also compatible with other mobile devices that offer TV-out capability.

Putting them on places the video output of your iPod directly in front of your eyes. Rather than a small 3” screen, you’re looking at a virtual 45” big screen display. They’re a great option for train commuters and frequent flyers alike. Diopter correction allows those with less than perfect eyesight to adjust the picture for clarity. The glasses feature an internal battery that can handle about four hours of use. Recharge time is about two and a half hours.

L5 Universal Remote

Looking to get a bit more use out of your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone? Consider using it as a universal remote for your television. The L5 Universal Remote is an IR transmitter that plugs into the dock connector of your device. It works along with an iOS app, and allows you to learn commands from all of your existing remote controls.

You can also set up macros, which can be used to change inputs and turn on devices automatically. Rather than having to turn on your surround sound receiver, TV and DVR individually, simply set up a macro for “Watch TV” and all of this will be done for you automatically!

The L5 can store information from up to 1,000 remotes and 100,000 individual buttons! That’s more than enough for even the most complicated home theater. Best of all, unlike stand-alone universal remotes, you can customize the placement of buttons to suit your personal needs.

iLuv ICC616 Flexi-Metallic TPU Case

iLuv’s ICC616 case for the current-generation iPod touch (the one with the built-in cameras, if you don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of current Apple products) is designed to protect the versatile media player from damage.

The case is constructed from TPU—thermoplastic polyurethane—giving it a jelly-like texture. It is available in a few different colors, each with a sparkling metallic finish. The ICC616 protects your iPod touch from scratches and also includes a film overlay to protect the device’s multi-touch display from scratches.

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD

ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD line of screen protectors are available for many different versions of the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Essentially a high-quality plastic cover for your iPod, the invisibleSHIELD protects your device without adding any bulk. At only 0.2mm thick, the scratch-proof cover is made from military-grade material.

In addition to protecting your device, it also improves your ability to grip it, lowering the rate of accidental drops. It is easy to install and remove, and does not leave any sort of sticky residue behind. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty, so you’ll be sure it will protect your device for as long as you own it.