Keep it Clean: Porta Brace BodyArmor


When I buy a brand-new camera, I tend to treat it like my baby. I’ll coddle it, wipe it down when a fleck of dust lands on it, and I’ll handle it as gently as I would a vial of nitroglycerin. After a few weeks, though, I’ll ease up a bit, but I’ll never feel completely comfortable diving into the dirt with my expensive gear while chasing the perfect shot.

And if there’s the slightest sign of rain, fugghedabottit! My camera is not going outside. Unfortunately, through normal use, a camera is going to get knocked around quite a bit.  Whether it’s due to unpredictable weather, shooting in rough or dusty terrain or just plain clumsiness, cameras will collect scrapes and dings—unless the camera’s got some serious protection. Fortunately, Porta-Brace has a line of BodyArmor camera covers to protect your gear from all sorts of bumps and knocks and the weather, so you can focus on getting the shot you need without having to worry as much about hurting your "baby."

Available for pro/prosumer camcorders of all shapes and sizes, the padded BodyArmor fits snugly around your camera, and is made from an easy-to-clean fabric that's water resistant, highly abrasive resistant yet feels soft to the touch. It has Porta Brace's built-in Rain-Top to help reduce the chance of damaging your equipment in precipitation, and it doubles as a dust cover to keep out dirt under sunny skies.

The interior of the BodyArmor is mesh to help improve air flow around your camera, and it has vinyl windows in all the appropriate places, so you can quickly check meters, dials and settings without removing the BodyArmor.

Some of the BodyArmor sets are expandable to fit several different-sized battery packs.

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Have you used BodyArmor to protect your video camera? Do you feel it provides a high standard of protection? Let us know in the Comments section below.