Everybody loves the smell of a new car, so much so you can 'bring back the love' with a shpritz or two of 'Au du Pee V'cee', which is available in 16 oz spray cans at your local car wash (the generics are reportedly just as good). Not so the look and finish of your camera gear. As spotless as they are out of the box, over time cameras, lenses, and tripods start showing the scuffs and ding-marks that inevitably come along with using your gear. And while you can't roll back the clock with anything sprayed out of a can, LensCoats offer a great measure of protection and functionality in a smart lineup of products.

Made out of the same neoprene material used to make wetsuits, LensCoats physically protect your gear against more than dings and scratches. Because LensCoats are constructed from dense, closed-cell neoprene, they are waterproof (and sweat-proof) and offer a great measure of shock protection by deflecting the side effects of casual bumps against hard surfaces. And depending on your camera system/LensCoat configuration, LensCoats also dampen shutter noise, which with (and only with) prior approval from upper management can make it possible to take pictures in theaters and other noise-sensitive environments. For wildlife shooters, the noise dampening qualities of LensCoats also means you're less likely to scare off that rare albino wildebeest you've been pining to track down and photograph.

In addition to the original Lens Coats, which are available for a huge selection of lenses, LensCoat also manufactures products designed to protect camera bodies, tripod legs, and numerous camera accessories (Hoodies, Flash accessories, etc), against the harsh realities of life on the road.

LensCoat products are available in black as well as a selection of camouflage patterns including Forest Green Camo, Realtree Hardwoods Snow, Realtree Max4 HD, and Digital Camo, which is a must if you plan on taking pictures in your local Apple Store.

  LensCoat Flash Keeper                                                       LensCoat BodyBag

       LensCoat BodyGuard                                                            LensCoat Tripod Leg Protectors

Recent additions to the LensCoat lineup include the BodyBag Pro line, which are configured to carry a body only, or body with a kit-size lens, TravelCoats, which are easy-on, easy-off protection solutions for protecting lenses while in transit, and the BodyGuard Pro, which enables you to use your DSLR while protecting your camera from bumps, bangs, environmental schmutz and drizzle. Another nifty new LensCoat product is the FlashKeeper, which along with protection for your Speedlite features a pouch designed to hold 8 AA batteries. And remember - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of extra-fine sandpaper and lens barrel polish.

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Nice new blog forum. On the subject of lens coat, it's a matter of need. I do quite a bit of outdoor shooting in light to medium rain during sporting events. My last camera system was protected by lenscoat products. Sure the camera was better protected than if it had been left naked however the inconvenience of an added skin on lenses and camera bodies specifically was a pain in the butt for me. It made changing camera settings more difficult to the point where I stopped using the product. I find the camera makers gaskets and seals to be adequate for most poor weather uses.