Little Monster Headphones


People tend to upgrade their portable music players all the time, only remaining loyal to their favorite musicians from device to device. Because music is so central to our lifestyles, you may find that upgrading your in-ear headphones could have more of an impact than getting another flashy gadget. Monster has a compelling line of in-ear headphones inspired by artists like Miles Davis and Puff Daddy, which sound as good as they look.

There are many different styles of music that appeal to different kinds of moods and now there are dedicated in-ear headphones to match those musical styles. Whether your thing is jazz, hip hop or pop, there's something for everyone. Your taste in music helps define who you are as a person and the clothing you wear also expresses a lot about yourself. Shouldn't the design of your in-ear headphones be just as interesting as you are?

All of the in-ear headphones described in this post share several traits, but the main thing they have in common is excellent sound quality. Most of these headphones are available in different colors, and they all come with a carrying case and several sizes and shapes of eartips, so you can have the perfect fit.

All of the Monster headphones come with several sizes and types of ear tips.

Most of these models feature an optional built-in ControlTalk remote. The remote allows you to navigate through your music library without having to touch your smartphone or media player. If you get a phone call in the middle of a song, you can answer the call and speak to the caller through the built-in microphone. They're compatible with the iPhone 3GS and 4, and the latest iPod models (and several older generations). It also works with many kinds of Blackberry, Samsung, Palm Pre, T-Mobile, LG and Motorola smart phones.

Diddybeats with ControlTalk

Sean Combs is a man of many names. In the 90's we referred to him as Puff Daddy. Later we came to know him as P. Diddy. The next phase of his evolution is to play the role of headphone producer, and naturally, the product is named Diddybeats. Puffy is a man who appreciates world-class sound and luxury and this is exactly what you get with a pair of Diddybeats in your ears.

P. Diddy wouldn't have put one of his names on these headphones if they didn't sound fantastic. Monster claims that these headphones "reproduce the emotion-stirring, crowd-moving vibe" that hip hop fans love, but I'm willing to bet that they sound great with all kinds of musical styles.

These headphones also wouldn't have Puffy's stamp of approval if they didn't look slick. The cap on the earbuds is made of high-polished enamel and the housing is wrapped in leather. Why? Purely for luxury. It has a tangle-free ribbon cable. Diddybeats are available in pink or black and both models feature the built-in ControlTalk remote.

Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear Headphones

Dr. Dre is the driving force behind many of the "Beats"-branded products from Monster Cable and Hewlett Packard. Wherever you find the Beats logo or Dr. Dre's name, you're guaranteed to get the clearest sound possible and a larger-than-life bass response. As you might imagine, the Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear Headphones from Monster pack quite a punch.

Most over-the-ear headphones don't produce very much bass at all. The tiny drivers found inside in-ear headphones are even more notorious for lacking in the bass department. Monster spent three years developing the bass response of the Dr. Dre Tour headphones, and the result is something you can hear right away. Think of them as ear-mountable subwoofers.

In addition to providing a better fit for your ears, the included ear tips create a seal that helps block out ambient noise. This makes it easier for you to hear your music clearly without being distracted by the world around you. The same tangle-free ribbon cable is used on the Tour, so you don't have to bother untying knots every time you want to listen to your music. The Dr. Dre Tour is available with or without the built-in ControlTalk remote.

We saved the best for last. The Miles Davis Tribute High Performance In-Ear Speakers provide unmatchable sound quality. To listen to jazz music properly you need speakers that can reproduce the woody boom of an upright bass, the high frequency shimmer of the drummer's cymbals and the unmistakable cry of brass horns. You need to be able to sense the musicians interacting with one another, say, in Columbia's 30th Street studios in New York City on a hot August night in 1969. The Miles Davis Tribute headphones take you there.

A test CD is included that will make it clear how this finely-tuned model blows away lower-quality headphones. And even though these headphones have been precision tuned for jazz music, their outstanding quality will make any kind of music sound great.

The ControlTalk remote is built in and you get three different carrying cases. Some people have different needs from a carrying case, so to make everyone happy, Monster included three options. There are lots of nice extras included here including a cable-management system and a right angle 1/8" connector, but what you're really getting is a stunning-sounding set of in-ear speakers. Plug in, hit PLAY, and disappear into the music.