Meet B&H: The Camera Islands


Perhaps the most popular areas of the store are the camera islands. Located on the second floor of the store, they are where almost any digital camera that you can think of is on display for you to test. Behind the counters are the B&H expert staff that can help you with almost any question you may have about the cameras.

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I want know if I want trade in my Nikon d600 for buying  nikon d610 , what will be trade in cost of my Nikon d600??

For assistance with the above inquiry, you would have to contact our Used Photography Department directly either by calling 1.800.606.6969 ext. 2700, by e-mailing with the list and condition of your equipment, or by using the Used Photography Department's Online Quote Form.

The only way I would want to go to B&H is if I had at least $10,000 on my VISA ready to go because my juices would begin to flow and I would only want to act upon them, being able to look with the intent to BUY. With that said it would be amazing to go to the store that sets the bar for inventory and customer service for the Photographic and Professional Audio market.