Meet B&H: The Photography Counter


What other store has a photography counter the width of nearly a city block? For those of you that have never been to the B&H Photo Video SuperStore, our second floor features a giant counter staffed by many experts that are ready to answer questions and fulfill your orders. Click Read and Discuss and take a look at the photos. If you've ever been to the Photography Counter, please share your thoughts with us on what you think.

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That looks like the size of the immigration gates at LA International! (Much more interesting stuff to look at though, I must say!)

I am from Australia, and have ordered online from you numerous times. I also have a friend who visits NY regularly, and she loves going to your store. On the upside, you have many knowledgable employees and a system that is very reliable and well priced. On the down side, stores here in Australia can't compete, either with their physical presence or their online presence. To that end, we're losing more and more ability to actually see the products we want, let alone buy them here.

I don't know if this will ever change, now that the online buying of items is the norm, I guess we're just going to have to visit trade shows to see the equipment, and or rely on written reviews from you and other big sites.....I fear for retail in general!

 Loved my visit to B&H last December.

How about setting up a branch here on the West Coast?

The plane ride to NYC was very hard on my bottom.

 You don't give enough stuff away free.