Meet B&H: The Pro Audio Department


The Pro Audio section of the B&H SuperStore comprises almost a quarter of the first floor. In this area, customers can peruse keyboards, speakers, a DJ area, electronic drums, Apple Mac Pro workstations, software, and even a soundproof booth with microphones. The audiophile, sound technician, musician, or gear enthusiast will be dazed by all of the audio equipment surrounding them—which they can play with, too!

Take a look at our photo tour of the Pro Audio section, and listen to some rockin' tunes while you're doing so.

Update: Here are new photos of the latest installations in the Dept

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I am relocating to Cupertino CA this Friday and I had to sell all of my audio equipment.

when I get set up out in CA I want to buy an entire professional set up for a singer (i am one--dead ringer for Toby Kieth) and studio set up for recording my voice to send for duets with female singers or harmony's that others mix themselves.

please send me your newest audio catalog and possibly higlight a small system (under $4k) that I could purchase and use. 

my address for 40 days will be 

Tim Hirt

Care of: Wild Palms Hotel

910 E Fremont Ave

Sunnyvale CA 94087

Thank you---

you guys are outstandng sound, light and camera folks.

Tim Hirt