Mom with a Camera


Vik Orenstein is a master portrait photographer who describes herself as a "mom with a camera". She says, "The mom part inspires the artistic part and the photographic part."

This longtime BetterPhoto instructor is also the author of a new book, The Photographer's Market Guide to Building Your Photography Business. Best yet, Vik loves to share her creative vision and her professional insights.

A studio owner for more than 20 years, she finds photography rewarding from both a prfossional and personal point of view. She particularly enjoys the special bond she has with many families - for instance, the kids she shot as babies and toddlers, she's now shooting their senior portraits.

"I just am amazed that I can work at something this rewarding," says Vik. "I feel really lucky. I have friends who are in various professions. and they hit a wall in their mid-40s and say, 'Why am I doing this?'I've never had that feeling."

Check out my audio interview with Vik Orenstein. In the interview, Vik talks about her extensive experience as a portrait photographer, as well as her focus on being a creative artist and her mission to communicate authenticity. And she talks about the satisfaction of a career that suits her perfectly

"The big reward is when people come back year after year. It's really a privilege to create their family portraits and to be able to see the children as they grow - to be, even in a small way, part of their families.

"One time I bumped into a client with her daughter at a movie theater, and the young girl said to her little friend, 'THAT is my personal photographer'!" 

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