New ikan Elements HDSLR Support Systems: Get a Grip on HD Video Image Quality


How successful you are at capturing sharp, steady video imagery using HDSLRs can often boil down to the integrity of your HDSLR support system. And as anyone who has tried it can attest to, handheld video with a DSLR is about a dicey as it gets. To help you get a better grip on your HDSLR, the ikan Corporation has introduced the Elements HDSLR support system, which can make a huge difference in the look, feel and overall image quality of your video output.

Regardless of what type of video you plan on shooting, ikan offers a selection of HDSLR support rigs designed to enable you to shoot steady-handed video using almost any HDSLR. Available in kit form or à la carte, ikan camera supports can be used in the most basic arrangements, or as full-blown rigs. Constructed of lightweight anodized aluminum, ikan Elements is a truly modular system that can be easily configured to work with any number of DSLR / HDSLR camera and lens systems. If you're looking for ready-to-go kits, ikan offers a selection of ikan Elements "Fly kits" along with two enhanced "Fly Pack kits," both of which include dedicated backpacks.

ikan Elements Fly Basic, Fly DeLuxe,
Fly Ultimate, and v5600 LCD Monitor

The ikan Basic Fly kit includes a cheese plate, a foam-covered Grip Bar and a handle arm. The Deluxe Fly kit includes the same components as the Basic kit, along with a 15mm rod mount and a pair of 4-inch, 15mm rods. The Ultimate Fly kit contains all of the aforementioned items as well as a pair of 15mm rod adapters and a pair of 15mm stud adapters.

For squint-free viewing, you also have the option of adding the ikan v5600 5.6" TFT HDMI LCD, which enables you to view the action on a screen containing far more viewing area than your camera's LCD.

ikan Fly Pack HDSLR Support Kits I and II

 For those who wish to go full-tilt, ikan offers a pair of all-in-one kits starting with the ikan Fly Pack Support Pack I, which includes a Super Fly camera support, an ikan v5600 5.6" LCD monitor (with shade, power supply, battery and charger), a 15mm rod adapter, 15mm right-angle rod adapter, 1.6-foot HDMI cable, 6-inch and 10-inch monitor arms, LED-150 Light kit and a carrying case to transport and store your rig.

The ikan Fly Pack Support Pack II is similar to the Fly Pack Support Kit I, but does not contain the LED-150 Light kit and only comes with a 6-inch monitor arm.

As mentioned above, all of these ikan HDSLR support products can be purchased in kit form or piecemeal, which enables you to assemble a flexible shooting rig, tailored for your particular video shooting needs.

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i've tried ikan - okay, but nowhere near the quality and parts to configure exactly what I want from Redrock.  the follow focus on the video is redrock

It costs as much as the camera body or a good lens, and requires its own backpack full of stuff to operate. This means no carrying on to an airliner since the suitcase (crammed with the camera and lenses), and the computer bag take up the alloted two bags.

Excellent idea -- now, please mount a small motorized gyro-stabilizer beneath this rig, price the whole package UNDER $1000, and watch a hungry shooting public (both video AND STILLS) beat a path to your door!