New Lighting Tools from Dynalite


Dynalite, the long-time flash system of choice for a legion of location shooters, has introduced a new series of packs, heads and light-shaping tools that take a page from the "give a little, get a little" school of thought.

Dynalite Road & RoadMax Power Packs

Dynalite's latest compact power packs are the Dynalite Road and RoadMax-series power packs, which are available in three maximum power output levels: 400 w/s, 800 w/s and 1600 w/s. The new Road and RoadMax power packs, which can be purchased as packs only, 2-head kits and 3-head kits, share common specs but differ in that the RoadMax-series packs and kits contain a built-in 32-channel Pocket Wizard receiver in addition to the IR and optical slave features common to both series.

The RoadMax power packs also accept up to four heads, compared to the three-head maximum on Road-series packs, and you can dim the modeling lamps on the RoadMax packs, giving you more flexibility than the fixed modeling lamp output on the Road-series packs. In contrast to previous-generation Dynalite packs, both the Road and RoadMax packs also offer quicker full-power recycling times; 1.2-seconds on the 800 w/s models and 1-second on the 400 w/s models.

Dynalite's new Road-series packs are also smaller and lighter than their predecessors, with the new 400 w/s pack weighing 1.2 lb less, 1" shorter, and recycling about 60% faster than the previous generation 500 w/s packs. Dynalite's 800 w/s and 1600 w/s models offer comparable differences to the packs they respectively replace. 

Dynalite Arena AP1600 and SP1600

Dynalite's new Arena AP1600 power pack also offers a bit less juice on the top end of the power curve (1600 w/s down from 2000 w/s), but pays you back in the form of faster recycling times (1.2 seconds versus 1.8 seconds) and shorter flash durations (1/3200th second versus 1/2500th second) while maintaining the same size (5.8 x 6.87 x 8") and weight (7.2 lb) as the pack it replaces, the AP2000.  

The Dynalite Arena SP1600 features similar specs as the Arena AP1600, but accepts up to 4 heads rather than three and has dimmable modeling lights.

Features common to all Dynalite power packs include arc-proof wiring, dual power switches that allow for seven basic power settings: symmetrically or asymmetrically, dual proportional all-channel dimmer switches that allow the fan to run at full power regardless of the modeling light setting, an audible signal that lets you know when you're recycled to 100% power and a choice of wireless sync options.

Dynalite MH2015 Road  Flash Head

To complement the new packs, Dynalite has also introduced the MH2015 Road flash Head, an update of its popular (and still very much available) MH2050 Flash Heads. Unlike previous generation Dynalite flash heads, the new MH2015 flash head features a fixed 16' cable, as opposed to the detachable 18' cables used on prior lamp heads. In addition to a slightly lower price point than earlier Dynalite heads, the new lamp head also outputs about an extra 1/10th-stop of light, which should prove to be an agreeable tradeoff for the general populous.  

Rime Lites

Dynalite has also introduced Rime Lites, a new series of soft boxes that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes including Strip Boxes, Square Strip Boxes, Octagon Boxes and Grand Boxes, which are light-wrapping parabolic reflectors up to 91" across. Manufactured from a tough-yet-lightweight material that's both waterproof and flameproof, Dynalite's new Rime lites can be used for any number of lighting applications.

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yes...the will run the 400watt and 800 watt packs...

Do the Dynalite units come with an approved Inverter to use outdoors. Lets  say the ARENA SP1600  with 3/4 heads and approx. 200 shots/ flashes.   Thank You, G. Sandy Ebeier