New Nikon CoolPix Digicams


Just in time for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival (and home of this year's World Tulip Summit) are a slew of new Nikon CoolPix digicams, which are available in a selection of styles and colors.

For entry-level users, Nikon is rolling out the CoolPix L22, which sports a 12.0Mp CCD, a 3.6x optical zoom with 3-Way VR image stabilization, a 3.0" LCD, an Easy Mode, a Smart Portrait System and 16 Scene modes. The CoolPix L22, which is available in black, blue, red, and silver can also record 640 x 480 video @ 30 fps.

Next up are the Nikon CoolPix S3000, S4000, and S8000. The Nikon CoolPix S3000 and S4000 share a number of commonalities. Along with slim-profile designs, both cameras feature a 12Mp CCD sensor (1/2.3"), a 27 to 108mm equivalent (4x) zoom lens, macro focusing down to 3" (8cm), burst-rates up to 3 fps, 4-Way VR image stabilization for up to 4 stops of jiggle reduction, a Creative Slider for optimizing the tonal qualities of your pictures in-camera, Nikon's Smart Portrait System and ISO sensitivity up to 3200. And they both record 640 x 480 @ 30 fps video with sound.

The differences between the S3000 and S4000 have to do with digital zoom (2x for the S3000 and 4x for the S4000), the amount of built-in memory (47MB in the S3000 and 45MB in the S4000), the addition of HD 720p video in the S4000, and the size and resolving power of their respective LCDs (2.7" @ 230,000-dots on the S3000 and 3.0"@ 460,000-dots on the S4000).The Nikon CoolPix S3000 is available in black, blue, green, orange, plum, and silver. The CoolPix S4000 is available in black, pink, plum, red, and silver.

Next in line is the Nikon CoolPix S6000, which features a 14.2Mp (1/2.3") CCD, a 7x, 28-196mm equivalent zoom lens, 720p HD video, a 2.7" (230,000-dot) LCD, a 4-Way VR image stabilizing system, ISO sensitivity up to 3200, and close focusing down to 1.2" (3 cm). The CoolPix S6000 is available in black, bronze, red, and silver.

The Nikon CoolPix S8000 ups the ante by featuring a 14.2Mp (1/2.3") CCD, a 10x 30-300mm equivalent zoom lens with macro focusing down to 0.78" (2 cm), 3 fps burst-modes, HD 720p video capture with stereo sound, 4-Way VR image stabilization for up to 4 stops of shake reduction when shooting hand-held, a Creative Slider for optimizing the tonal qualities of your pictures in-camera, Nikon's Smart Portrait System, High/Normal image quality modes, and a high-res 3.0", 921,000-dot LCD. The CoolPix S8000 is available in black, bronze, red, and silver.

Two new bridge-style CoolPix cameras have also been introduced by Nikon. The Nikon CoolPix L110, available in black and red, contains a neat selection of features under it's low, DSLR-like profile including a 12.1Mp CCD (1/2.3"), ISO sensitivity up to 1600 (and up to 6400 in 'boost' mode), a 15x, a 28-420mm equivalent zoom lens with 5-Way VR image stabilization, macro focusing down to 0.39" (1 cm), HD 720p video with stereo sound, a 3.0" 460,000-dot LCD, HDMI connectivity, and burst-rates up to 11.1 fps (@3MP) for up to 20-image.

And if you're curious about how much imaging technology you can squeeze into a camera the size of an apple, take a look at the Nikon CoolPix P100 (black only).Features include a 10.3 Mp CMOS sensor with Backside-illumination CMOS technology, a 26x, 26-678mm equivalent Nikkor zoom lens, up to 10fps @ full resolution, a 3.0" 460,000-dot LCD, full 1080p HD video @ 30 fps with stereo sound, a 5-Way VR image stabilization system, ISO sensitivity up to 3200, a Smart Portrait System, and 17 Scene modes.

A rather cool feature found on the P100 is an Advanced Night Landscape mode, which combines the sharpest, best exposed sections of 6 rapid-burst images into a single optimized image, in-camera and in a few seconds. Being bridge-style cameras, both the CoolPix P100 and CoolPix L110 feature DSLR-like electronic viewfinders (EVFs), which are welcome alternatives to squinting at an LCD from arms length under the mid-day sun.