Nouveau Novoflex Adapters


If you've been taking pictures long enough there's a good chance there'll come a day you'll want to use your long-time favorite lens on your latest, most favorite camera body, which unfortunately has a lens mount that's totally incompatible with your long-time favorite lens. So now what do you do?

Before you break out your hack saw and soldering gun, you might want to check out our selection of Novoflex lens adapters, which aside from enabling you to mix and match formerly incompatible camera systems, also allow you to mix and match camera formats. Novoflex's latest additions include a series of adapters that allow you to use Nikon, Leica M, Leica R, Sony / Minolta AF, and Pentax K-mount optics on Micro FourThirds-format camera bodies from Olympus, Panasonic, and Samsung. Novoflex also produces FourThirds lens adapters for Canon FD, Contax / Yashica, Olympus OM,  and M-42 screw-mount optics.

Novoflex adapters are also available to adapt Nikon, Canon FDOlympus OM, Pentax K,  Universal M-42, and other lens mounts to standard FourThirds-format camera bodies. Novoflex also offers adapters designed to mate  Pentax K optics to Leica 'M's, Canon FD optics to Leica 'M's, Nikon optics to Canon EOS bodies, Universal M42 optics to Canon EOs bodies, and Hasselblad CF optics to Contax 645 AF bodies to name a few.

Like most things in life there's a price to be paid for the luxury of mixing and matching normally unmixable and unmatchable camera gear. Though you retain the ability to focus the lens from its designed minimum focusing distance straight through to infinity, you do loose communication between the lens and the camera body, which means no metadata, no autofocus, and the loss of most if not all exposure data in your viewfinder. 

As for metering, plan on establishing your exposures in Aperture mode and/or stop-down metering, which means you might have to change your shooting habits, which itself  isn't the end of the world. The good news is you get to use that long-time favorite lens on your latest, most favorite camera body, which is why you're reading this post in the first place... right?

Camera Mt Lens Mt Adapter
Micro Four-Thirds Canon FD MFT/CAN
Micro Four-Thirds Contax/Yashica MFT/CONT
Micro Four-Thirds Leica M MFT/LEM
Micro Four-Thirds Leica R MFT/LER
Micro Four-Thirds M42 MFT/CO
Micro Four-Thirds Minolta AF/Sony MFT/MIN-AF
Micro Four-Thirds Minolta MD MFT/MIN-MD
Micro Four-Thirds Nikon MFT/NIK
Micro Four-Thirds Olympus OM MFT/OM
Micro Four-Thirds Pentax K MFT/PENT
Micro Four-Thirds T2 MFT/T2

Camera Mt Lens Mt Adapter
Four-Thirds M42 FT/CO
Four-Thirds Contax/Yashica FT/CONT
Four-Thirds Leica R FT/LER
Four-Thirds Nikon FT/NIK
Four-Thirds Olympus OM FT/OM
Four-Thirds Pentax K FT/PENT
 Leica M  Pentax K  LEM/PENT
 Leica M  Canon FD  LEM/CAN
 Canon EOS  Nikon  EOS/NIK
 Canon EOS  M42  EOS/CO
 Contax 645  Hasselblad CF  CONTHA 645

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 I have several lenses that I used to use on my Pentax SLR film camera. Are there adapter rings that I could buy to use these lenses on my Canon EOS Rebel T1i ?