Pearstone Polycarbonate LCD Protectors


If you've ever scratched the surface of your digital camera's LCD screen, you already know how disturbing it can be. And it never goes away... ever. To better ensure scuffs and scratches don't put a damper on your day every time you glance at your LCD screen, Pearstone has introduced a new line of heavy-duty, polycarbonate LCD screen protectors designed for use on a variety of DSLRs and smaller digital cameras.

Far sturdier and scratch-resistant compared to film-based LCD protectors, Pearstone LCD Screen Protectors are manufactured from 1mm-thick plycarbonate material that blocks UV rays while allowing transmission of 92% of the visable light spectrum.

Easily mounted with an adhisive backing, Pearstone LCD protectors  are designed to fit the following digital cameras:

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Check out the Giottos 12-layer protectors - been using them for a long time and are great - easy to apply & remove (if necessary).  Much better than film protectors.

Well none of your comments helped. I could care less what cameras it will not work on. I looked at the list of cameras and it works on my camera. I want to know if any body out there has one and what do think about it.

 Thank you 

Sony 900 only how about us 200 user?

The Canon 5D Mark II has an LCD screen that is 67mm wide and 55mm tall if that helps.

UV blocking and polarization are completely different, so it shouldn't interfere with your shades at all. 

Simply use a 3" and fit to the Pentax

How is this better than the cover that came with the camera (Nikon D300)?  I'm leery of the "adhesive backing".  The cover I have just clips on.

Gosh I'm another Pentax user that has to go spend my good old money somewhere else...

Pearstone is not doing themselves a favor by listing their product for specific brands and leaving other brands out. Give me a width by height and be done with it. I bought a screen protector at a local camera shop made by dotline, the 2.7 for my Kx. It measures 2-5/16ths w by 1-3/4ths h, i measure the Kx screen at 2-5/16ths w by 1-7/8ths h, leaving roughly an 8th inch of the screen uncovered, enough that you can see the Pentax logo. The chrome edge around the protector is a nice detail, the important thing to me is that the vital portion of the screen is covered. If you're not too concerned about perfect fit, this 1mm polycarbonate protector will outperform any film protector out there. The pearstone and dotline look exactly the same to me.

Come on guys. All products are manufactured to sell in quantities. It just makes good business sense to initially go after the markets with the most saturation, and frankly Pentax is not it. Hopefully they'll be able to supply screens for Pentax products at some point. 

 Why is Pentax always left out? The K-7 is a killer, and nobody ever makes aftermarket stuff like this for it.

Agree with Steve.  What is the screen size?  Another Pentax owner.  Snort!

Canon 1D models could really use something like this...

 These look great.  I have a similar product and I can say I'm very pleased with it.  For those Pentax users (like myself), other companies make universal 3" (K-7) and 2.7" (K-X) and come with a piece for the lcd.

 I'm starting to get the feeling that someone out there might find this useful for the likes of say Pentax equipment? I'm just saying.

The 2 Olympus cameras are very old versions... what about the new versions, 2.7" Screens?

Produce LCD protectors for almost every model camera by size and not brand or model.  Any provisions for already scratched screens?  If not, Your proposal does not mean anything to many.

Me parece fantástico este invento de la Pearstone ya que soy maniática de la protección de los LCD de mis cámaras.

Con la serie de sugerencias de los dueños de Pentax, podrían estar diseñando ya para esta tan prestigiosa marca de cámaras.

Un punto favorable para la Pearstone.

Desde Valparaíso-Chile opinó , Carmen Soto Retamal

And the Panasonic G1 as well

  How about Panasonic DMC-G1?

anything for the D200 ?

I think Pentax users would like them too

da products offers a much, much less expensive version of this

Start making them for Pentax... then I'd be interested! 

X3 on Pentax not being included!  I guess manufacturers just don't think those of us who use Pentax equipment deserve something to help protect our investments!

Come on people, there are lots of us out here that use Pentax and would spend $$ for some of these accessories and lenses that are not available to us...

My Nikon D300 came with a LCD protector that snaps in place. It's great to have it, but it's rather soft plastic and scratches pretty easily. You don't notice the scratches so much when viewing the screen so not a big deal. I'd like to see someone offer something that would protect the LCD which could be snapped on and off like the one supplied with the camera but made of a harder material. 

Do you have one for the Fuji Fine Pix 3D Camera?

how about getting Pentax onboard. Just like Hoodman, they exclude Pentax also. I really dislike that because I would use some of these products.

Easily mounted with an adhisive

Check your spelling.

What a bogus peripheral industry this is. "Screen Protectors" should be supplied as radiator grilles are in that other massive industry. Why would a $1000+ (or a $100+ for that matter) camera be supplied without one? It's not like you can use the "lens preference" argument. I call shenanigans!

I see there is nothing for the Nikon D70S. Wouldn't it be better to specify screen size instead of listing them by make and model? Just a thought.

Nothing for the Canon 20D, 30D or 1D Mk III...  Too bad.. so sad...

The blurb says the protector is made of "material that blocks UV rays".

Will this also obscure the screen from being viewed when wearing polarized sunglasses?

Pentax isn't included? VERY lame, Pearstone!