Photography Accessories to Give You a Different Angle


Look through Facebook and loads of other photo-sharing services, and you'll see many photos from the same angle of view. Why not go for a totally different angle that hasn't been tried before? There are accessories to help you reach those angles that only Superman can get to: way up above, way down below, and ones that make people go, "How did the photographer do that?!" Here's a quick round up of such accessories.


The Flipbac is a very popular item that comprises of a mirror and mount that attaches onto the back of your camera around the LCD screen. Once stuck on, the mirror can flip down to help photographers achieve a different angle of view in their composition. These are commonly used by the point-and-shoot-camera crowd. You'll be happy to know that the mirror folds down against the camera's body, keeping a low profile.

Rode Mini Boompole

Here's an idea that you may not have thought of: Mount your camera on a pole of some sort, set the timer, and shoot from above. This bird's eye view can provide for fun and fresh perspectives. This mini boompole from Rode can hold a large variety of items with the right heads. Photographers looking to capture a large group of people in a photo may really appreciate the variety in angles that this pole can offer.

Of course, you don't have to set a shutter delay. Using items like the Pearstone Remote Shutter Releases will work very well too.


Gorillapods—they're powerful, and will allow you to mount your camera onto nearly anything they can wrap their legs around. They range in size from small/compact to large, for different uses and camera sizes. Because the legs are so bendable, your camera will be able to shoot from many different angles and perspectives. When you're finished using them, the legs will bend inwards for easier storage in your camera bag.

I use Gorillapods when shooting portraits, to mount wireless strobes in areas that are tough to reach.

Glidecam Stunt Bar

Are you into HDSLR videography? Then take a look at the versatile Glidecam Stunt Bar. Its adjustable bars and handle will allow you to put your camera into loads of different positions while on the move. I've seen this used often by skateboarders and snowboarders that try to record their route.

Novoflex Suction Cup Camera Mount


With the Novoflex Suction Cup with Ball Head, your camera can get to places only Spider Man can. This item is designed for mounting a camera onto any flat smooth surface, like a sheet of glass. It can hold up to 6.6lbs on the ball head, for angling your camera in nearly any way you can think of.

What accessories do you use to get that different angle? Please let us know what we left out, in the comments below.

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This is a terrific article.  Changing your perspective is one of the best ways to turn a "blah" image into something that's special.

Especially important when shooting wildlife or children, get down on their eye-level to make a connection with the subject.

I blogged about that topic here: just a couple of weeks ago.

Not to be ignored is shooting from an elevated platform too.  I remember listening to a wedding photographer on one of my favorite podcasts who sets his 2 second timer, and then tosses his 5DMkII into the air!  

Charlie MacPherson