Porta Brace Backpacks: Lug Safe and Snug


Getting from Point A to Point B. For most people, that’s not much of a challenge. But if you have to transport several expensive, fragile cameras and other heavy gear and you want it all to arrive at point B safe and sound, you’re going to want some sturdy, well-padded equipment cases. Fortunately, Porta Brace has you covered, with its line of padded Backpack Camera Cases.

Offered in all shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide range of camcorders and HD cameras, the Vermont-made camera backpacks are made from padded 1000-denier cordura nylon, to protect gear and accessories from impacts and shocks. The cases have numerous pockets that will stow everything, including a compartment for your laptop computer, a side pocket with a cinch strap to carry a tripod and  several more pockets to accommodate accesories and lenses. Clear nylon windows allow you to see your gear. To help keep all that weight comfortable on your back, the shoulders have extra foam padding and non-slip materials and there are removable waist straps and padded side-support straps. The backs are made from a breathable mesh, and these packs even have built-in lumbar support. The back straps have their own pull-down cover to hide them away, which streamlines the pack for stowing in an airplane's overhead compartment.

Depending on the size backpack you acquire, it may include additional pillows, soft  and rigid dividers and pouches to keep all your gear separate and snug—pretty much everything necessary to keep your camera and accessories safely organized. Some packs even come with white balance cards, which can come in handy.

If you're going to be carrying gear over rougher terrain, you might want to take a look at the Porta Brace Hiker backpack camera case. Designed to keep your equipment tucked away while your hands remain free, these backpacks have several features that outperform Porta Brace's other backpacks. They have a plastic, full-perimeter honeycomb armor frame to add structural strength while keeping the backpack relatively light. The camera compartment itself has an adjustable shelf to accommodate different-sized cameras. The packs have new, upgraded bendable interior dividers with more padding, so you can wrap them securely around your lenses and other gear. These dividers are secured with hook and loop fastener, so it’s easy to rearrange the interior space effortlessly. The Hiker also comes with foam blocks to fill in the emty spaces, which provide a little extra cushioning.

No matter which of these cases you decide to purchase, you can transport your gear with the comfort of knowing that it will arrive at your destination safe and sound.

The Porta Brace packs come in two color combinations, blueblack with red trim, and select models are available in a camouflage pattern.

Have you tried these or other specialized camera backpacks to carry your gear? Let us know in the Comments section below.