Samsung TL350


The Samsung TL350 featuring a Schneider Kreuznach f/2.4 lens. This camera is extremely well designed and does many things that will give you exceptional and unique pictures.

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I was so excited when I heard about this camera, and at first use, it was amazing: you can easily take high-quality pictures during a video without disturbing the flow of the video, you have incredibly sharp 1080p in a small body, it's wide angle with good pics and all for a fairly cheap price. I bought mine at at a low price of $299.99.

Nevertheless, I ended up returning this camera twice. The first time it kept crashing, something I've never seen a camera do before. Figuring I had a dud, I got a replacement. Next time it happened again, and Samsung said it was probably because my memory card had pictures on it taken with a Canon. I reformatted the memory card, and although the problem with crashing seemed to have gone away, it was just really slow in general. After turning it on it took a good five seconds to be able to take a video--far too long for little kids! It also took a few seconds to process pictures after taking them. This happened even after installing new firmware to increase its stability. And then pictures started turning out blue with weird lines...