Seeing Made Easier


According to internet authorities, about 64% of the U.S. population (about 96 million of us) wears glasses. And depending on which of these authorities you place your bets with, about 1.5% of the world population wear glasses; though another site claims 5%.  According to yet another site, about 74% of all librarians, 71% of all teachers, 56% of all lawyers, 27% of all artists, and about 20% of all actors and actresses also wear glasses. And for what it’s worth about 60% of the male population and 62% of the female population disagree with the adage ‘Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”’.  

What it boils down to is a lot of us wear glasses, and if you’ve ever tried using a camera while wearing glasses, you know what a pain in the paddock it can be trying to focus your vision back-and-forth between your subject and the camera’s controls, menus, and LCD. Sound familiar? If so have a look-see at Hoodman’s HPF1 Titanium PhotoFrames.


Far from cheesy-looking, Hoodman PhotoFrames feature independently hinged lens bezels that allow you to tilt either lens up and out of the way with a simple flip of your finger, resulting in quicker reaction times when shooting and eyeballing the details on the camera screen on the fly.

Constructed of narrow-profile titanium memory wire with secure, wrap-around ear pieces, PhotoFrames allow you to concentrate on taking pictures instead of trying to take pictures while balancing your glasses on your forehead or holding them in your teeth. Clear glass templates are included with each pair for prescription re-fitting by your optometrist.

Another nifty item designed to make picture-taking that much easier is the Flipbac Angle Viewfinder. Somewhat reminiscent of the vanity mirror hidden behind your car’s sun visor, the Flipbac is an adhesive LCD protection cover that does double-duty by enabling you to use your camera’s flush-mounted LCD like a hinged-screen LCD. With a viewing angle of up to 180°, the Flipbac enables you to compose and shoot pictures from ground-level, overhead, or in tight, cramped quarters. Available in black or silver, the Flipbac is designed for use with most all digicams with 3” Live View LCD screens.

The Hoodman Hoodcrane is an interesting device that enables you to easily, quickly, and neatly swing a Hoodman Loupe 3.0 in and out of the viewing path of your DSLR’s LCD. L-shaped with a spring-release latch, the Hoodcrane mounts onto your DSLR’s hotshoe and features an adjustable arm that swings the HoodLoupe over the LCD for viewing, and easily out of the way when you prefer direct, critical viewing and/or focusing, or out of the LCD’s path when viewing the screen with others. The Hoodcrane is compatible with most all DSLRs and probably a majority of bridge-style digicams and advanced point-and-shoot cameras that have hotshoe or accessory shoes.

Included with each Hoodcrane is a HoodLoupe Attachment. The HoodLoupe 3.0 and HoodMAG 3.0 are optional, as is the camera.

 And if you’d like to purchase the whole kit-and-caboodle, check out the HoodMan Cinema Kit Pro, which includes the Hoodcrane, a HoodMan HoodLoupe 3.0, and a HoodMAG 3.0, which together make composing and shooting HD stills and video a whole lot easier.

The HoodLoupe Mag 3.0 is a 3x adjustable replacement eyepiece designed to replace the original rubber eyecup that comes with the HoodMAG. Along with an adjustable diopter, the HoodLoupe Mag 3.0 blocks stray light by providing a tighter fit around your eye when using the HoodMAG.If squinting at your camcorder’s LCD under glary lighting conditions is cramping your style you should look into HoodMan’s EX Kit Pro, which easily turns your camcorder’s EX LCD into a real-deal viewfinder. Included with each EX Kit Pro is a HoodLoupe 3.0, which provides 1:1 viewing and +/- 3 diopter adjustment, a HoodRiser Attachment, which enables a precise fit of the HoodLoupe to the edges of your EX LCD, a Camcorder Strap to secure the HoodLoupe to the EX LCD, and a HoodMAG 3.0 for up to 3x image magnification.