Shootin' in the Rain


Come April showers, street sweepers will clean better, umbrella salesman will clean up, and outdoor photographers will fret. That's when attaching a specialized umbrella to the tripod socket of your camera can be as vital as doing what your mother always said: if it's going to rain, take an umbrella! The Omega Probella Portable Protective Umbrella is made from water-repellant nylon. With slide bar, it weighs only 4.5 ounces.

The umbrella provides a 20-inch diameter of coverage, but you can also adjust the tilt and height of the dome. (See diagram, left.) Available as well is a smaller version called the Popabrella that sports a 12-inch diameter and weighs 3 oz. Both "brellas" will shield the lens and viewscreen from sun glare when it's time for May flowers. As for protecting your sinuses from the pollen that blooms in June, bring tissues.

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Dear ecoguy,

I shot with a similar homemade setup and I was the only photographer to get any decent shots at an event in pouring rain. What's the issue - to look manly while shooting, or to wind up with the shots for the client? No one cares what you look like, especially *after* the event, everyone cares if you got the shot. On the other hand, there is good advice in having the right clothes to prevent getting soaked.

Another good choice for shooting in the rain is the Kata E-702 Elements cover.