Sony Developing Interchangeable Lens Camcorder for 2010


Hot on the heals of today’s NEX-5 and NEX-3, Sony has announced the development of an interchangeable lens HD camcorder. While specs have yet to be released, Sony confirms that the cam will sport an APS-C CMOS sensor and full compatibility with the latest E-mount lenses. Sony A-series and Minolta glass will work via an adapter.

This is Sony’s first camcorder to use dedicated SLR lenses. Following Panasonic’s AG-AF100, it will be interesting to see how the larger CMOS chip effects low-light performance and video performance. The product name and price are TBD, but Sony is slated to begin production in the fall or winter of 2010.

Audio inputs? A proper viewfinder? What are the things you really want from an SLR lens camcorder?

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I believe the "E-mount" lenses are those lenses designed for the NE-X3 and NE-X5 cameras .. the "A-mount" is the designation for the alpha lenses.

When you say "E-mount" lenses, what does that mean exactly?  I am a photographer using the Canon 5D and 1D bodies with L series EF lenses, so I am interested in understanding if I could use my Canon EF L series glass with this recorder?


All Sony has to do is build an EX-3 for dSLR lenses. Done. Anything less won't cut it. And speaking of cutting. What manufacturer in their right mind doesn't cough up the $ for the right codec? Editors, networks, and studios will flat out refuse to work with bad codecs and guess what, they're the ones that hire shooters. Production occurs "top" down, not "bottom" up.