Sony TVs Are Upgradable to 3D


You'll typically use a new TV for the better part of a decade, so even if you're skeptical about 3D, you could well change your mind. That's one reason Sony is offering models that can be easily turned fully 3D with an optional emitter. The KDL-HX800 series  in 40-, 46- and  55-inch screen sizes is ready to extend the picture to the tip of your nose when you decide the time is right for 3D.

Though not 3D out of the box, each of these LED-edge-lit LCD TVs accepts a 3D sync transmitter (right) that you simply plug in and position above or below the screen. The TMR-BR100 transmitter is compatible with Sony BRAVIA HX800, HX900, HX909 and LX900 series TVs.

The transmitter works in conjunction with Sony's Active Shutter Glasses (left). Embedded liquid crystals in each lens alternately open and close in synch with the TV picture, creating the 3D illusion. The glasses provide a universal fit, and the included battery is good for about 100 hours of use before it needs to be replaced. At 12.5 hours per week, that's at least two months'  worth of viewing.

Make no mistake about the usefulness of these TVs even without upgrading to 3D. They each offer 1080p resolution and Motionflow PRO 240Hz technology for fluid motion. They each incorporate the Bravia Engine 3, which is Sony's most advanced video processing for bringing out image detail, reducing noise and optimizing contrast.

The KDL-HX800 series all stream Internet Video including Netflix and YouTube as well as Pandora music. The TVs are DLNA-compliant, so you can also stream music, photos and videos from computers and servers on your home network. An Ethernet is on the TV for a wired network connection, though a USB Wi-Fi dongle is an optional accessory if you'd rather stream wirelessly.