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I love high-fidelity sound. I also happen to love great-quality headphones. The one issue I have with most high-end headphones is that the better they sound, the more the headphones look like something from a bad 1950s science-fiction movie. I'm not knocking high-end headphones, but nobody looks like a baller when they’re spinning at the club wearing headphones that would look happier on The Great Gazoo from The Flinstones.

While lower-end headphones come in all shapes and sizes, higher-end headphones seem to take a form-follows-function approach, and in most cases, they should. But with its Royale Luxury Stereo headphones, Aerial 7 is trying to make cans that look and feel as good as they sound.

The around-ear, closed-back headphones have 50mm drivers to deliver clean accurate sound, but that’s not what sets these headphones apart from the competition. These headphones are luxury items. Featuring soft full-grain leather ear cushions and a full-grain patent leather headband, these phones are incredibly comfortable for wearing hours on end, and thanks to the graphics on the outside of their aluminum ear cups, these headphones look and feel like no other headphones you’ve experienced. 

The Royale Luxury Stereo headphones come with two interchangeable cords. A 1 m coiled DJ cable will give a little when pulled, and there's a 1.2 m straight cable with a mic, so you can even use these headphones to make calls with your cell phone or to make Skype calls on your computer. They also include a 3.5mm-1/4” adapter for use with most stereo systems, and a carry bag for convenient transport.

With a pair of Royales, you’ll have the most luxurious headphones on the block. They are available in two styles, Absolute and Bourbon—and while you're styling in your fly cans, you'll be listening to high-fidelity sounds.


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to Moshe Lehrer:  The reality is:  it was a great deal,  If all  electronics today  was  looking  like those from the 70th - 80-th, because  then it  were  made  with  much  higher quality than now. If it's  about the sound, I'm looking usually  something from  the  Era  when I was young.  Oh, It was a realy great DESICN! It was a  precious details! It was A Sound and Quality! It was so pleasant to touch !  Most of  today's gear comparing with it's ancestors  is  like...the  Russian car Zapoprozetz  comparing with  Rolls Royse  or  Bently.  It's why I'm not agree with   autor. If you talking about headphones, I  prefer those looking similar with mine from 1985.   Today I like  GRADO much more than BOSE.   If a new generation of electronic engineers and designers wanted  to create something really HI-FI, they have to  s t u d y  that gear we sometimes can buy now  in the Goodwill &  other Trift  stores  only.  It still working perfectly! Sure, if you're from those who  mad about so-calling  "multi-channel  sound" you can buy all these  fakes.  I'm the REAL, ACTUAL  STEREO  SOUND  fun.

ya, dose cans be dope and stuff. Can't wait to chill in the crib with 'em.

Peace out cub scout.

You know... it's been a while since I've styled in my fly cans. I think I'll buy a pair... or two.