Spy vs. Spy with the PenCam


It is amazing to watch the evolution of surveillance gadgets that modern technology brings us. Hidden cameras are now tucked away inconspicuously in smoke detectors, motion detectors, stuffed animals, clocks, and countless other innocuous products.

Today, it’s easy for manufacturers to squeeze a great deal of functionality into a tiny package. Integrated circuits have millions of transistors packed onto tiny chips, wristwatches offer a thousand functions, and cell phones can access the Internet and capture still and video images. Of course, those tiny integrated circuits enable the manufacture of most of these devices in the first place.

One ordinary looking but functional product is the Swann DVR-421 PenCam. It looks and writes like any ordinary writing utensil, but it also records video and still images. Inside the thick, but otherwise ordinary looking ballpoint pen, is a pinhole camera and 2GB DVR that can record 640 x 480 color video with sound, and still images with 1280 x 960 resolution. Of course, the PenCam can also be used as a USB thumb drive.

All the 21st-Century technology is squeezed into the top half of the pen, while its bottom half contains a traditional ink cartridge. The ink cartridge is shorter than a standard one, but three extra refills are included. Uncapping the pen reveals the USB plug in the top half, which is used to charge the battery and upload video and stills to a computer. A tiny switch that’s flush against the USB plug sets the PenCam to either the video or still mode.

The PenCam’s lithium-ion battery must be charged before use. A dual-color LED flashes orange to indicate that the PenCam is charging, and it stops blinking once the battery is fully charged. Charging takes about an hour, after which it will operate for about 90 minutes. The dual-color status LED is, for the most part, hidden from view when the PenCam is clipped to a shirt pocket. I’m not encouraging any illegal or unethical use of this device. However, if you wish to avoid being discovered, you might want to cover the LED with a piece of black tape.

To use the PenCam, set it to the video or still mode and then depress the button on top of the cap until it activates. In the video mode, the dual-color LEDs light up blue and orange for five seconds before switching to the solid orange of standby, ready to record. Video recording starts when you push the top button again and the status LED lights up solid blue. Recording stops when you push the button again, and the status LED reverts to orange. Status indicators for the still mode are the same, except that the LED flashes orange when in standby; clicking the top button snaps a picture and the LED turns blue while the image is being stored, and then reverts to orange when it’s ready to take another shot. Holding down the button for three seconds in either mode turns the PenCam off. 

Sometimes a gadget with so few controls can be difficult to use, but that’s not the case with the PenCam: it's very easy to use. There’s no viewfinder, so you don't know exactly what's being captured until you review the footage. But there’s no way the PenCam could have a viewfinder, so you simply have to live with its limitations.

The PenCam gives each file a time-stamped name, such as 2010-06-02 07-36-59.AVI or 2010-06-02 07-36-59.JPG, depending on the recording mode. For the time stamps to be accurate, you have to set the date and time first. This is accomplished by creating a text file called setdate.txt, which should contain the date and time in this format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. I began with something like 2010-06-01 21:35:00, meaning June 1, 2010, at 9:35 PM. You then place the text file in the PenCam’s root directory and turn it on. The PenCam sets its internal clock and deletes the file, which makes sense because the file is only valid for one minute. This unusual procedure works exactly as advertised.


With the PenCam clipped to my shirt pocket, I recorded my walk from the train station to the offices of B&H. My walking, combined with a loose shirt pocket, led to some very shaky video, and the PenCam was aimed higher than I would have preferred. Aside from, say, an ambulance’s siren, the audio I recorded on the street was indistinct. Video recorded outside at night showed no usable image. But if held steady in a well-lit room, the PenCam records clear video and sound. Still images taken with the PenCam don’t have the same brilliance and depth of field as pictures made with better cameras, but they’re clear and have good resolution.


Swann claims that the PenCam’s 2GB of memory is enough to record up to 80 minutes of video. I don’t know the reason for this conservative estimate, because I recorded about 87 minutes of video, which used only 1.52GB; I still had almost half a gigabyte to play with.


While the PenCam does have its limitations, none of them will prevent you from using it successfully. Lawyers, law enforcement officers, private investigators, practical jokers, and covert operatives will be able to capture activities and events that couldn’t otherwise be captured. As for writing, the PenCam does it like a champ, in black ballpoint ink. It lays down smooth lines and rounded curves with effortless ink delivery and no messy buildups. But if you do plan on carrying the PenCam, be sure to bring an extra pen with you in case someone asks to borrow one.

With B&H's $25 instant savings, the PenCam costs only $64.99. Now that's a great deal for inconspicuous image capture!

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Please send full specification in this product

Hello Anil -

While the Swann SW234-PC2 PenCam may look like any other pen there's one important difference - when you're done writing with it and tuck it back into your shirt pocket that's when this pen really goes to work. Inside this stylish ball point pen is a camera that records quality color video to a built-in memory stick with a 2GB storage capacity. With the touch of a button you can instantly switch from recording video at 640 x 480 resolution to recording still shots at 1280 x 960 resolution. And when you're done recording simply plug the pen into your PC's USB port for viewing its images and for uploading video to your favorite social networking site. This same USB port is also used to recharge the camera's internal battery, which lasts up to 90 minutes.

Video camera & DVR housed in a real, working quality ballpoint pen
Built-in microphone captures sound within a 3-foot range and is uploadable to your PC
Shoot color videos & upload to YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Photobucket & more
Switch between photo & video mode with a touch of a button!
Create video history with time & date stamping
Easy backup - records over 1 hour & use USB memory stick to upload to PC
Long-lasting - built-in battery lasts 90 minutes & recharges via your PC's USB port
Compatible with Windows XP/Vista
Perfect for lawyers, sales people, law enforcement, mystery shopping, covert surveillance or internet fun!
Swann Security DVR-420 PenCam Operating Instructions and Specifications

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:  AskBH@BandH.com

the pencam is a piece of junk. do not buy. company does not exchange BAD product. they wan't you to buy a new one.

This device works really well for what it's intended for.  In my case, capturing my crazy ex-wife screaming "Your father is a selfish bastard and that's why you're genetically defective" at my children.   Not great video, but it will save them any more emotional and psychological damage at the hands of a crazy and abusive person.  Go

I tried everything to set the date on this thing, i followed swanns instructions to the letter but still the damn date & time will not set on this pencam it always defaults to 1980!!

I have used some of the larger GB models and they seam to be slower in processor speed. The Swann model seams to be faster, and 2GB is enoughtMemory  I purchased another one for fathers day. A fun gift idea.

You need one of these.

Really cool, one of my best birthday presents. Really works well, got some cool pictures of my graduation

Just the most amazing purchase, have taken really good photos at work and at parties and posted them straight onto youtube and facebook. I tried other brands but they didnt work.

I purchased a Swann Pencam and found it to be outstanding. Great pictures and audio, fantastic price

This are no good i have one and  i try to charge it and it never worked again SO I COULD NOT USE IT EVEN ONCE 

My 8 GB spy pen cost $38 and at least from the picture looks to be exactly the same model.  Same specs, same functionality.

These cams are old news. You can find them cheaper and with higher resolution and with more GBs on Ebay.

It just got harder to manage a high school or college testing center...