Stick 'em in Your Ears: Aerial 7 Bullet Buds


Thanks to the iPod and the cellular phone, carrying your entire music collection in your pocket is easier than ever. No more lugging around a backpack full of CDs for variety when the mood strikes. Unfortunately, the cheap earbuds that come with your music player often don’t do your music justice. These cheap earbuds will.

Other earbuds offer little to no sound isolation, which means that if there is a great deal of ambient noise, you’re going to have to crank up the volume, potentially damaging the earbud speakers—and even worse—your hearing. By upgrading to the budget in-ear  Aerial 7 Bullet Headphones, you’ll be able to isolate outside noise, listen to your music comfortably at lower volumes, and avoid that pesky hearing-loss issue. 

Another benefit of sealing out ambient sound is that you’ll suddenly be able to hear more of your music. Those subtle tracks way back in the mix that always competed with the sounds around you—and usually lost—will now come through clearly.

Unlike the stock white iPod earbuds that sit on your ear, in-ear headphones slide into the ear canal. They form a seal in your ear, blocking out almost all peripheral noise: perfect for getting lost in your music, but not so perfect for an outdoor bike ride, where you may not hear horns honking, cars swerving or brakes screeching.  

Additionally, what separates the Aerial 7 Bullet Headphones from the rest of the budget in-ear canal phone pack is their color selection. It’s difficult to describe just how the Bullets are colored, so take a look at the pictures. Each driver, ear gel and cable is a different color, because (let’s face it) there are times when solid white or black can get boring. Sometimes, you want your earbuds to stand out from the crowd. The Aerial 7 Bullet comes in four different color styles.  Azzuro (various shades of blue), Dark Rasta (Red, green yellow, gray black), Marshmallow (Pastel pinks, greens, purples) and Shade (Black, white, gray).

The Aerial 7 Bullet Headphones come with four different-sized ear tips to help you create a custom fit for your individual ears.

In-ear headphones provide the means for you to feel as though you're listening to your music for the first time, blocking all outside stimuli so that you can focus on the music the way it was meant to be heard. With Aerial 7 Bullet Headphones, you can do all that—and without breaking the bank. Happy listening!