Tools of the Trade: B&H EDU Dept Goes to NYFA


When I was a communications student back in college, the first thing I said when my professor put professional gear in front of me was, "Oooooooo, toys!" That is how many students at the New York Film Academy reacted recently when the B&H EDU Advantage Team visited to show the future filmmakers some tools of the trade.

B&H and a number of other companies set up for the event, where they introduced the students to many different products. Without having to leave the campus, students and educators had the opportunity to watch demos, and talk to technical reps about some of the equipment.

Besides viewing products, the students had a chance to enter into a raffle where they could win various prizes. Each student was handed a sheet with the names of the vendors’ brands on it. In order to enter, they had to visit each vendor's table, and have the vendors initial their brand on the sheet. After this, the raffles were given to the B&H EDU team.

Each table had a variety of different items that the students could get hands-on time with. But in addition to this, the students were also able to sign up for discounts from B&H.

It's much different when you're the person documenting all of this happening. As that person, I was able to sit back and take in the curiosity of the students. They wanted to learn as much as possible about how all of these items could help them to create better films.

Vendors such as Zacuto, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Tiffen, Lowel, Ikan, Marshall, Anton Bauer and Litepanels were present.

Being a recent college graduate, I can tell you that it isn't every day that students get to test out all of this gear. Many colleges operate on tight budgets, so students often need to come up with ways to see and test new technology. This is important, because when students graduate, it's really important that they know what they're getting into when they enter the industry.

The students didn't only get free hands-on time with the products.

They were also treated to lots of free pizza.

After the pizza, the students went back to checking out the products.

Shortly after that, it was time to announce the winners of the raffle.

Many students were very excited to win the prizes.

The B&H EDU Dept gave away:

Zacuto – Z-Finder Pro 2.5x

Canon – A2200 Camera

Panasonic – Headset

Sony – Thermos/Grown Ups Blue-Ray/Leatherman

Tiffen and Lowel – Gift certificate for filter of students choice

Ikan – v5600 Deluxe Kit

Marshall - $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble

Litepanels – Hats and T-Shirts

Anton Bauer – Camera bag and grips

Two $25 B&H Gift Cards

Here are a bunch of other photos from the event.