Top 10 Events of the B&H Event Space for 2010


It’s that time of the year when everyone from music bloggers to movie critics are rattling off their top favorites of the year. This end-of-year phenomenon has inspired me to reflect on the last 12 months at the B&H Event Space, and to pick my own top ten events. There were far more than ten excellent events, but these really stood out from the rest. Hit the jump to see which ones made the cut.

The Photo Essay: Learning to Tell a Story Through Imagery, Sponsored by Olympus, with David. H. Wells

David H. Wells consistently packs the Event Space for a good reason: He is unquestionably one of our best speakers. His strength as a teacher really shines through in his lectures at B&H.



Better Photographic Composition - Beyond the Rule of Thirds, with David Brommer

David Brommer is more than the Event Space manager. He is a photographer, a mentor, and one of the most skilled presenters to lecture in our Event Space. Out of the vast array of topics that he teaches, his lecture on composition is the most transformational. Ask anyone that‘s attended his intoxicating three-hour lecture, which blends art history with the science of composing a picture.

Learning the Basics of Photo Manipulation—An Introduction to Photoshop, with Andy Graber

Andy Graber is one of our most likable presenters. His personality wins everyone over, and his down-to-earth teaching style is an extremely effective way to illustrate the basics of editing in Photoshop.

Introduction to Directing a Film Scene, Presented by the New York Film Academy, with Claude Kerven

Claude Kerven doesn’t need fancy PowerPoint presentations to get his point across. All you have to do is listen to this eloquent speaker talk for a minute, and you'll be hooked on every word he says. Claude elucidates directing principals, illustrating with shots that hammer home advanced concepts used by the best directors in their movies.

New York Transit Museum Photo Safari Contest

Vintage subway cars + photographers = a trainload of fun.

Women in Photography: A Panel Discussion & Slideshow

This year’s panel of women photographers was one to remember, with the controversial Renee Cox and photographer Anne Arden McDonald, whose self-portraits in creepy abandoned interiors sent chills down your spine.

New Media and Social Networking for Photographers, Sponsored by Miller's Professional Imaging, with Lindsay Adler

Blogging extraordinaire and queen of social media, this up-and-coming fashion photographer not only takes stunning portraits that are featured in magazines around the world, but she also teaches workshops, and has published her first book, all by the age of 26. After her first event at B&H, she was already a favorite amongst Event Space attendees.

Hands-on Leica Street Photography Workshop with M9 Cameras and Special Guest Lecturer Peter Turnley

This event is where many attendees have their first experience with a rangefinder. But not just any rangefinder—a Leica M9! Combine that with a lecture by one of the preeminent photojournalists in the world, Peter Turnley, and the result is an unforgettable event that attendees still reminisce to this day.

Lori Nix: The City and Other Dangers

Lori Nix is not your everyday photographer. She constructs her own images by creating dioramas that “depict our failing future and the demise of humanity, tempered with a touch a humor.” This lecture was the perfect departure from our instructional workshops, as it gave the audience a chance to escape into Lori’s make-believe world, and into the mind of a photographer that has exhibited in galleries around the country.

F295: An Exploration of 21st Century Photography

The F295 series is an all-day gathering of photographers who embrace alternative photography, those whose work encompass light, time and apparatus. At the B&H Event Space, this is the only opportunity to experience—in the span of one day—lectures by so many talented photographers. From digital negatives to tintype, from bromoil process to plastic cameras, these image-makers create work using processes that are foreign to many digital photographers.

We want to know what your favortie event was from this past year. Please let us know in the comments below. Remember that all events have free admission. Why not plan a trip to our NYC SuperStore around an upcoming event? You can view the event calendar here.

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Thanks Lenny! Your too kind. It's Jennifer's tireless search for new and exciting events that makes the bread sliced.

What ab unbelievable resource B&H has with the event space.

David Brommer is a magician with the super help of Jenifer Diamond ,

The amount of information that has been shared through this resource is staggering.

So many important programs are available through online videos, so if you couldn't make the events you can experience them online anytime.

To future exciting programs!!

2010 Rocked at the Event Space, we forgot a few good ones- hard to jam in 10. If you are intriqued by my Better Photographic Composition: Beyond the Rule of Thirds we have seats available for a Wednesday, January 26th.

Have a great New Year folks, make your best shots yet in 2011!