Triad V Adapter Plates


Choice is a good thing.  We love the ability to choose what we have for dinner or what cell-phone plan to purchase and, if you work with pro video, what gear and accessories to buy for your camera. So it’s exciting that B&H is now carrying Triad’s line of professional mounts, plates, sunshades and monopods for ENG, HDV and DSLR cameras.  

For about ten years, Triad’s been offering Broadcast and DSLR solutions, making high-quality, lower-cost aftermarket plates and accessories designed to fit the gear of major manufacturers.

For those of you who shoot with DSLRs such as the Canon EOS 5D Mark II or the Canon EOS 7D, take a look at the VTA-5d V Tripod Adapter Plate. If being able to quickly mount and dismount your camera to and from a tripod is important, you'll love its quick-release, V-wedge mechanism and rod support . You might even want to pair it with its sister part, the VPA-5D V Plate Adapter.

For larger HDV camera users, Triad offers the VPA-14 plate adapter, which pairs with the VTA-14 V Tripod Adapter for ENG tripods. To save a couple of dollars, the VPA-14 and the VTA-14 are also available packaged together, in the VPA-14 KIT. For smaller cameras, such as the JVC GY-HM100E or the Sony HVR-A1, there’s the compact VTA-7 Mini V Tripod Adapter for HDV tripods. This one fits with either the VPA-7 Mini V Plate Adapter or the VPA-10 Mini V Plate adapter. The VPA-7 has one screw to attach a camera to the plate; the VPA-10 has additional screws to keep your camera lined up on the plate and to avoid unwanted shifting or turning.

These adapters are also available together in either the VPA-7 KIT or the VPA-10 KIT. You can also opt for the VTA-7RS, which is similar to the VTA-7, but includes rod support.

If you work in Electronic News Gathering, try the new SS-104 ENG Sunshade for the times when a full-on matte box is cumbersome, inefficient or just plain overkill. Weighing in at only 240 grams, the lightweight sunshade is rubberized and fits standard ENG zoom lenses. It can use 4x4 and 105mm filters and includes 85/98/100mm step-down rings and a 4x4 filter holder.

Soon to be released will be a monopod that could be ideal for photography or some smaller ENG cameras.

If you’re looking for high-quality, professional-level plates that are somewhat more affordable than those from mainstream manufacturers, give the Triad line a look.

Have you had any experience with Triad Adapter Plates or other Triad products? Let us know in the Comments section below!