Two New Battery Packs from Quantum


Quantum Instruments has introduced two new auxiliary battery packs, designed to keep you "juiced on the job": the Quantum Turbo 3 for heavy-duty assignments, and a more compact Quantum Turbo Blade for lighter-duty assignments.

The Quantum Turbo 3 is the latest generation of Quantum's top-of-the-line power packs. Designed to power up to two shoe or handle-mounted flashes, or one flash and a DSLR, the Quantum Turbo 3 can deliver up to 1,050 full-power flashes or thousands of  flashes at lower power settings. Designed for use with Quantum Qflash as well as Speedlites from Canon and Speedlights from Nikon (with proprietary cables), uninterrupted power is secured via new locking cables available that connect the Turbo 3.

Note: Older-generation, non-locking cables will also work with the Turbo 3.

An LED  "fuel gauge" monitors the battery life as you work to eliminate any "surprises" at inopportune times, and the Turbo 3's memory-free nickel metal-hydride battery can be recharged hundreds of times before it needs to be replaced by Quantum Instruments at a nominal cost. Included with each Turbo 3 is a 100-240V charger, a belt clip and there are fittings for use with an optional shoulder strap. The Quantum Turbo 3 can also be mounted on a light stand or tripod using the (optional) Quantum Battery Clamp (QBC).

 For less demanding assignments that still require more juice than you can squeeze out of a set of AAs, Quantum has also introduced the Quantum Turbo Blade, which can deliver up to 400 full-power flashes or thousands of "pops" at lower power settings.

 About 40% smaller than Quantum's Turbo Compact, the Turbo Blade is designed for use with Quantum Qflash T-series flashes and most shoe- and handle-mounted Speedlites and Speedlights. The Turbo Blade attaches to the base of your DSLR, while only adding 1.44" to the base of your camera, with little or no additional width or depth to your camera body. And like its larger siblings, the Turbo Blade features a fuel gauge that keeps you posted on how much juice remains in the pack, to eliminate the chance of cutting out at an inopportune moment.

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I have to disagree with the majority of the post here.  We started off buying a of regular batteries to shoot with, but found out that we had to replace them at least once for a 4 hr wedding and more when shooting a 6+ hr wedding.  Tiring of buying batteries before every wedding we switched to rechargeable batteries, but those are a hassle, charging right before the wedding and trying to remember to keep the charged separate from the used and switching during the most inopportune times got to be a real hassle, plus the recycle times were horrendous.  Switched to Quantum, I have been using Quantum Battery 1+ for the past 2.5 years (2 packs for each photographer), for my wedding photography business and now we have one less worry.  One battery pack last for about 4 hrs and it's a quick switch to change packs, definitely a necessity when shooting 2k plus shots a wedding when you're bouncing the flash for a majority of your shots or shooting rapid-fire.  Quantum is definitely a must for the serious wedding photographer when shooting for more than 4 hrs.

Equip:  Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 430 EX Mark II, 580EX Mark II, Stroboframe, + a variety of L lenses, and Gary Fong Flash diffusers.

Quantum is not cheap, but their equipment is well worth the extra dollars when you just want to focus on the life time images you are capturing.

Sorry, but from my experience Quantum is NOT worth the $. I used a Quantum 1 for years having it refurbed twice. After the second time it won't hold a charge long enough to justify the hassle. The last Quantum 1 I bought 3 yeards ago stopped working all together just after the warranty ran out with VERY LITTLE use. I went back to AA's and have no complaints and no extra cables.

If you attach any of this battery pack to the bottom of Nikon D300s to power the flash, does that mean you won't be able to use a battery grip to power the camera?

Does it work with Canon Speedlight 430EX?

I am a wedding photographer and I have been using Quantum products for over 10 years since the first Q-Flash ever came out...

I own Quantum Q-Flash 5DR's ; Quantum Radio sets (new and old) ; Quantum Pilot-for Nikon; and I have 9 (Nine) Quantum Batteries... all working=

2x Battery 1+/ 4x original Turbo batteries/ 2x Newer Turbo 2x2/ and 1x SC Turbo

The price to pay in order not to miss that "price less" image... to me is almost priceless...  Keep in mind... A Turbo 2x2 cost about $575, now if a brand new super improved Turbo 3 with locking tabs and superior Power is available for sale...for an additional $100 (price avg.= $675 for the new Turbo 3)   I will consider buying one...

It may not be needed for the regular everyday candid photographer... and I would not recommend to anyone to spend money on this battery unless you have a need for this... I need this battery and Quantum has answered the "call" from the Wedding Photographer... Superior Power/Locking Tabs/ Smaller Design... Everything Made usually has a purpose,... for someone...OR... is redesigned due to needed improvements... 

I think wedding/fashion photographers needing some Serious flash power may consider this amazing battery...

 Thanks to Quantum for improving a great battery and offering service to repair all of their own equipment at a reasonable cost...   [ I will be sending in one heavy use Turbo 2x2 for a new Cell for only $95 Directly from Quantum...]  I cannot buy another battery for $95........... 

Note; I also own 1x nikon SB-900 and 2x SB-800 and the thing that really makes me frustrated/angry is that after all of these years... Nikon still couldn't install a Simple Battery Fuel gage on a brand new $500 SB-900 flash...???

So I don't use any of these at weddings because I don't like guessing when my "AA" batteries will die... I bring the SB-900  just for Emergency backup Only....

Woooohhhh $650 for a battery ... I could buy some more glas for that money lol ...



Seriously !   I have 2 580EX-II,  I just got one of the 3rd party packs for under 60 bucks shipped that you put your batteries in....   works GREAT !    I think I would rather "speedload" batteries and just buy another strobe for  $ 444 price   and some more batteries !     

$444? $888 for two strobes? I'd rather just spend a second or two replacing the AA's when needed.

The design looks awkward.

Thanks, but no thanks.  I will keep popping 5 AA's in my SB-800.  I have become pretty efficient at S P E E D loading these babies.  They are a fraction of the cost and I haven't missed a picture yet.

 I've been using the original Turbo and it's been a great investment. I can shoot with flash all weekend and not need to swap out batteries or even recharge the battery. Well worth the money! If my Turbo were stolen or stopped working, I'd definitely consider the Turbo 3.

I have owned, the Quantum1, Quantum 1 +, until the were both stolen.  I now have a Quantum SC and I am very pleased with it.  I am able to get over a  1000 pictures with it.  I suppose Quantum has received complaints about the cable becoming loose why they have gone to the locking cables.  That happened to me several times with the SC.  I hope they would offer the persons that have these models that do not have the locking cables an opportunity to have a modification done some time for a reasonble price.

How does the Turbo 3 compare to the Turbo 2x2?

645.00 for a battery is a bad idea


I called Quantum and they said a Turbo3 can power 2 SB800 or Sb900's for 500 full power flashes firing simultaneously. You would need 2 of this cable.

The Quantum Instruments CKE2 Power Cable will allow a Turbo series battery pack to power a compatible Contax, Nikon, or Nissin flash. It also has been updated with a locking feature that keeps the cord locked into Quantum Turbo 3 Battery Pack sockets, preventing the chance of it falling out while shooting.

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While the Turbo blade may sound like a great Idea the Battery packs for the SD 900s are 194.95 which is allot cheaper the the $444 premium price quantum's asking. Even the canon battery packs for the 580ex II goes for $149. Most people buy 3rd party to save a little money. That wouldn't be the case here. Quantum battery packs at this price should only be used for quantum heads. 

 $444 for a battery. Genius.

Any idea how the Turbo 3 would perform when powering 2 Nikon SB-800s or SB-900s?