Two New Sony Cyber-shots


If you're looking for a digicam that can satisfy your advanced, creative needs and still fit in your pocket, you might want to take a closer look at Sony's Cyber-shot  DSC-HX5V.  Available in black only ,the Sony DSC-HX5V features a 10.2Mp Exmor R CMOS sensor, which allows for twice the light sensitivety as comparable point-and-shoot sensors, a 3" LCD, and a 10x, 25-250mm equivalent Sony G-series lens for capturing wide landscapes as well as distant subjects.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V

For 'serious' shooting, the Sony HX5V contains updated versions of many of the advanced imaging features originally introduced in Sony's HX1, TX1, and WX1 Cyber-shot cameras. Included among these updated shooting modes is the HX5V's improved Intelligent Sweep Mode, which eliminates the choppiness that sometimes occured when photographing panoramic images containing moving objects. The HX5V is also the 1st point-and-shoot digicam to offer built-in GPS and Compass functionality when shooting stills and video.


Another rather nifty feature found on the HX5V is HDR (High Dynamic Range) Backlight Correction, which captures 2 images of the subject - one slightly over exposed and another slightly underexposed - and combines the best highlight and shadow details into a single, broadly-detailed image. For shooting under bright contrasty lighting conditions this is big medicine.

Along with snappy stills, the Cyber-shot HX5V can also capture HD 1080p video (with stereo sound !) by simply pressing the red 'movie' button located on the back of the camera. Other shooting modes ( Program, Manual, Easy mode, Low Light, Twilight Hand-held, Panoramic, Video, and a Scene Mode selector are easily accessed using the camera's analog-style selection dial. ISO ratings start at 80, run up to 3200, and include an 'Auto' mode for those who choose not to think about ISO ratings. (Did we mention the HX5V can capture up to 10 full-resolution frames-per-second?)

And if you've been resisting the urge to buy a Sony digicam for the simple reason you don't want to invest in MemorySticks, rejoice and break out your credit cards because the new Sony Cyber-shots also accept SD memory cards (See.. you can teach old dogs new tricks!).

 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7

Not available in black (the TX7 comes in Red, Silver, and Blue), but equally able is the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7, which like the HX5V features a 10.2Mp Exmore R CMOs sensor, an Intelligent Sweep mode, a 10 fps burst-rate, Auto HDR, and can shoot HD 1080p video.


For the touchy-feely crowd, the TX7 also features a 3.5" touchsceen display, which allows you to tap out your commands when shooting as well as during playback. The touchscreen also allows you to choose focusing points by tapping on specific areas of the screen, and the same taps during playback allow you to zoom in and out quickly and easily for checking focus. A flat sliding cover plate serves to protect the lens when not in use and also acts as a secondary on/off switch.

Intelligent Sweep Panorama Mode (top image) is less 'choppy' than Generation 1 Sweep Panorama Mode (lower image) (cropped sample images)