Want to Learn About Studio Lighting for Free?


On June 11th, 12th, and 13th, Atlanta GA based photographer Zack Arias will be teaching a three day studio lighting class at creativeLIVE.com for free. Zack will be covering everything from white seamless backgrounds, models, posing, and more. If you're not familiar with creativeLIVE, it's a website dedicated to sharing information about creative production for everything from shooting DSLR video to making smartphone apps. Viewers are encouraged to chime in with questions as the live broadcast takes place... 

Zack is currently looking for six people to join him in the studio audience to ask questions and interact with him to make the class even more dynamic. If you're interested in attending the class in person for free at the creativeLIVE studio in Seattle, you can submit a short video explaining why you would be a good candidate. The video shouldn't be longer than a minute, and the quality of the video is not a factor (shooting it on a cell phone is fine). Just make a compelling case as to why you should be invited to attend.

Keep in mind that the whole idea behind creativeLIVE is that everyone is invited! You just need to make a point of registering for the class ahead of time and tuning in at the scheduled time in order to view the material for free. If you miss the class you can purchase a download of the video for a fee. So if you've ever had a nagging question about studio lighting, this is your chance to get to the bottom of it. The more people that tune in and interact, the better off everyone else watching will be. Don't forget to tell your friends and colleagues about creativeLIVE, and as always, I'll see you in class!

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World cup time, the games are not that interesting on those days, the cup only starts on tuesday the 15th.

Go Brazil!!!!!!!

I signed up for the class already!!! see you there.



I will not be able to attend live but am interested in purchasing the recording. Do I have to register now for the "live" in order to be notified when the recording is available, or can I just request a follow up email from you? thanks....

 But that's the opening weekend to world cup!!!

I have been taking creativeLIVE photography classes since January. As a self-employed photographer without a budget for expensive classes, creativeLIVE is an amazing resource for free education. I downloaded the courses too and have already watched them again when I have questions. The prices for the downloads are ridiculously reasonable given the expert content. Zack Arias' weekend workshop is going to rock. Thank you B&H for supporting creativeLIVE! 

Is there any way to know the breakdown of the classes, meaning  what topics are going to be covered each workshop day? 

This sounds great!  For planning purposes, is the information repeated each day, or is the class 3 days long? 


I would like to register for the live webcast 11th - 13th June.  How do I register

Fran Ages

Already signed up. I'm doing John Greengo's digital photography class at creativeLIVE right now and it's awesome, as was Roseanne Olson's lighting class.  I'm sure the Zack Arias workshop will be as well.  Thank you B&H for supporting creativeLIVE's mission to offer affordable quality education to artists around the world. I feel as though I've cracked open a tightly closed treasure chest. Mesmerized by the first handful of gold, I can't even begin to imagine the wealth of treasure it holds.

I am very interested in this class, can I review the information from the 11th? I won't be available that day to watch. Is this an all day event all 3 days or just a few hours? How do I register?