What Do You Want to See in the Canon 5D Mk II Successor?


According to The Digital Picture, the Canon 5D Mk II and 7D are subject to an optional hardware upgrade.

The full-frame 5D Mk II is still a hot-selling HDSLR, but the interwebs have been abuzz with speculation about what the potential successor will be like. Everything from RAW HD video, 4K video output, wireless flash control, much faster burst rate, to 39MP have been rumored. What features would be on your wish list? When will it come out? We'd love for you to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Uncompressed output to a dedicated hard drive would be great.

4K for the love of god! Please make a cheap camera with 4k. Even 2k, hell I don't care.

 All of it sounds good. Except that we need it before spring!

 FIX THE JELLY ISSUE ALSO (srry last post, but huge problem)

 oh, also manual iso limits (in movie mode), better bracketing ccontrols for hdr shooting, faster shutter speeds, wireless flash controls and more acurate flash sync. 60fps 1080p and 120fps 720p modes would be awesome!!!  

 1) GPS, either built in or as an easy add-on (with out the need to buy that huge wifi grip)

2) Better AF, I had a 7d and traded up to the 5d Mkii, while it is true the 7d had a far more advanced  system, I would hope that the 5d mkiii might capitalized on the 7d and perhaps add more points- I dont believe even the 7d's system has cought up to the speed and acuracy found in nikons higher end options. (also af during video mode would be awesome)

3) the 7d's 100% viewfinder, built-in level and ergonomics (particulary to get to live-view mode and movie mode) 

4) Movie mode improvements: Raw video recording, better dynamic range an better picture capturing options ala RED, swivel screen, better audio recording options, integrated headphone out, hdmi out w/1080p, maybe new cinema grade lenses? 

5) Shooting improvements: 5/6+ fps, 9-11/12+ stop dynamic range, 3 stop iso improvements, I dont care about higher pixels

6) usb 3.0 is a good idea, 2 cf card slots (or sdxc+) 

any other ideas?   

I agree with most of the above posts, on the matter  of  focusing, however the use of teathering has not been mentioned. the new laptops are slowly being installed with USB 3.0  and as i and so many other photographers are now connecting directly to laptops a USB 3.0 port on the 5d would accelerate the download speed for burst shots by a factor of 5 to10  times as fast.  the cost of this upgrade would only a few dollars but would add so much more value to an already good product. the current USB 2.0 is a bottlelneck for downloads

I have a 5D but I've held out on the 5D2 and I'm sooo looking forward to the 5D3!

Most importantly we need to improve the AF speed; at least to the level as a 7D. Next, real time live AF during video would be great. Last but not least, 8 FPS and I could kiss my 1DM2 goodbye.

Lots of good ideas here, but these are a must! 

No one mentioned:

(1) 10 second loop pre-record very much needed event videographers 

(2) Tag good / no good shot at the end of a video take

(3) Option to have it ask: keep or delete previously capture video clip.

60fps and better low light capabilities!!!

Nobody mentioned anything about GPS tagging, which I would think would be helpful to mostly every photographer.

New button layout with a larger "jog" button.

More AF points.

I doubt if they will offer WiFi for tetherless shooting because they already make a wireless transmitter that is way, way over priced.

They really should put on a pop-up flash because it is so handy for fill-light at times.

 How about better focusing points, Higher Flash sync Like 1/400!!! better AEB, Like 5,7,9 shots for HDR! and don't forget at least 5 frames per second, second slot for another flash card, or build  two cameras, One with Video and one NOT, And throw in a copy of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, So I don't have to render My video Files!!!!!!!!!

For me it would be perfect if:

-  It hasn't the limit of recording of 12min. anymore

-  and no more rolling shutter effect

My main use is for video so if It has this 2 issues improved/solved it would be perfect for me!


Gabriel Lehto

higher x-sync at least 1/250 !!!

better AF at least like in 7D !!!

dual card slot

wirelles flash control like in 7D (but it will require build-in flash)

Not to much compressed format for movie.

H264 must need to decompress solution as likes a elgato turbo 264.

It may still H264 than elgato turbo 264 must be a bundle. :))

60D+1 full-frame+no internal mic

Absolutely better focusing with more focus points ... at least 45 as 1Ds M3 has. FPS of 5DM2 is great, this camera is made for studio, landscapes and portraits work. You don't have to shoot with 9 FPS. You get huge image resolution and that is more useful. 

How Charles MacPherson wrote for high FPS you need a different body and the body will be primarily made for a different use.

So for me it is better focusing and more focus points :)

I shoot a 5D MkII for portraiture and commercial work and a 7D for wildlife.  If the 5D MkIII was essentially a full-frame 7D, I'd be pretty happy.

That means porting over to the 5D a few key features - more AF points with the faster autofocus, 8 FPS (12 would be better), the MUCH improved power switch, multiple selectable grids for the viewfinder and the ability to use the pop-up flash to command Canon flashes remotely.

Of course, I'd like to retain (or even improve) the 5D MkII's excellent low light performance.

And why not add a second shutter release that would fall below your shooting finger when the camera is held in portrait orientation?

To really round out the feature set, how about adding a Pocket Wizard compatible transmitter?

These things are all within reach and would make the 5D MkIII an outstanding wildlife camera!

Charlie MacPherson

Rolling shutter in video mode needs some addressing...would a faster processor help eliminate this?

51 point auto-foucs and 8fps. Opps, wait. That camera already exists. It's called the D700. One of the best decisions I made was to switch over to Nikon. I dont miss the video feature either since I currently use the Panasonic GH1(3) for all my video work. And I'll probably upgrade to the AF100 if I get serious with video. Large sensor camcorders like the AF100 and Sony VG10 is the future of digital cinematography, not video DSLRs.

Longer video recording, flip out screen, and an earphone jack!

Better focusing/more focus points for sure! Absolute must!

6 fps would be great!

2 card slots!

faster shutter sync to 250 or even better 320

More bracketed shots. I shoot HDR now and then and it would be nice to get at least 5 shots instead of the standard 3.

Flip-out LCD or higher MP isn't necessary for what I do, so no deal breaker for me.

FWIW: Lower-end Nikons have some of these features - why not Canon? Come on guys!!

Clean HDMI out at full 1080p for use with an external recorder/monitor, bypassing the camera's internal h.264 codec entirely. If that was the only new feature, I'd be happy.

 1. Auto focus similar to the 7D (a very good system if i might add)

 2. Better placement of the power switch similar to the 7D or better yet the nikon        d3s

 3. mode dial lock similar to the 60D

 4. Definitely more mega pixels (28-30mp would be practical but if canon feels like      they wanna give more then we would love that as well)

 5. Raw video capture 

 6. faster frame rate 

 7. faster shutter sync, from 160/s to 250/s as with the 7D 

 8. Dual card slots, cf and Sd (for those wishing to use newer eye-fi wi-fi cards)

 9. Bigger and brighter viewfinder as the sony a900

Q. Can anyone answer this: When will Canon launch the 1DS Mark 4, and what        will the specifications be?

HD movie in raw or a better movie format to edit! 

Certainly better autofocus, including LOTS more "square" autofocus points.

A swivel viewfinder!

Vari-Angle Flip-Out LCD would be useful.

More FPS 6-10

Better focus

High Speed Video Capture.

More Rez is always nice, but not a top priority.

a free 5DMarkIII for me to review would be nice too. :)

1. I ended up with the 60D as it has the flip out LCD, which is great, esp. for low shots! A  new ver. 5D should have it for sure!

2. Earphone jack with a volume control, which would cost Canon about $2 but is so important when doing video.

3. Solve the 12 min. limit on video recording, how about 2 card slots like JVC?

4. (on the lenses) Put gear teeth on the focus ring so an external focus knob can be attached like on your video lenses.

5. carry over the improvments from the 60D + 7D

 for the 5DMKIII

Wireless Flash Control

More fps in burst mode at least 6

better autofocus system

Better dynamic range in-camera so as not to have to futz around so much in post processing.

Get rid of the crosshatched banding at ISO 100 and 200 at least.  It's 2010, no modern camera should have this issue and the 5d2 is the only one that does. Makes it almost impossible to push files much more than 1/2 stop in post.

Two stops better ISO noise performance to keep up with competition.

Locking for the mode dial.  I know that they are now offering this as an upgrade on the 5d2 and it should be standard.

Improved shutter lag time, better AF, and a few more megapixels would be nice.

Better focusing for sure! While we're at it, how about autofocusing while in video mode that doesn't screw up the video capture and distort the exposure while it finds focus? Wireless RF control of the Speedlight system would be AWESOME! 

A camera that costs at least twice as much as the current model, along with some new features to justify the higher price tag! (Oh wait, such a camera already exists!)

 The focusing system that is in the 1DMk4, 8-10 FPS and built in WiFi for shooting tethered.

No HD camera mode. If I wanted HD video, I'd get a camcorder.

Better focusing definitely

 Built in flash,it may sound not professional,but it will be very handy and more easier to carry less things with it.

First, I agree with Rob above on Focusing.  Then I would love to see them meld the features of the 7D into the 5DMIII.  Faster shooting rates, better focusing with the full frame features of the 5DMII.  At 21mp image capture, this is more than suitable, but more is always better. 

Better focusing!!!! At least what is now on the 7D. If there is one weakness, its the focusing system in the 5D2 which I use. Low light focusing is nearly impossible in its current system. Even the 7D is better in this regard.

A one-button liveview setting would be helpful, as well as an articulated lcd for low-angle macro or over-the-head crowd shots. Though if canon comes out with this in the next year or so I'll be a bit annoyed because there's no way I could afford to trade in my recent purchase.