What's on the Menu, Presented by Canon


In these videos, Canon USA’s Rudy Winston will give you insight—not just a quick definition—of what every item on the EOS 7D camera’s menu does. Rudy will start with the first shooting menu and proceed through each one from there.

This presentation is targeted for EOS 7D owners, whether you’ve been using the camera for a while, or it’s brand new to you. Beyond that, many of the 7D’s menu items are similar to those in other EOS models, so owners of different cameras will come away with useful knowledge as well. Chances are, there are functions on your camera that you've never fully grasped, so this is a great opportunity to have a Canon expert walk you through them.


Part 2

Part 3

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I refreshed the screen and Part 3 popped up.  Have now watched it. 

Is Part 3 supposed to be available?  It is not, as if it had been deleted, at least looking at the options right now.  First two are there and played fine.  Hoping to see the third.  Also agree that it would be great to have a session devoted to custom functions. 

Great video! Hopefully there's a future video that goes over the custom functions, that was really something I'm interested in learning more about.

Great intro video - much appreciated for such a complex camera.  I too am interested in the custom functions.  If possible, please add this to your list of new videos to do.  Thanks B & H. 

Very helpful video. I followed along with my 7D in my lap and now have a better understanding of just how great this camera is!


Great video on the 7D's menu.  I was hoping to a step by step guide on custom functions, but it was skipped.  Could one be done on those?

Thanks again!

I want to thank B&H for such a great lesson. It was easy to follow and even for an intermediate user like me it was very useful. Please do more. I am sure that Canon will be more than willing to visit you and allow you to post the video. I would certainly appreciate one on the use of the 480 EX II and using tilt shift lens.

Thanks and I look forward to more of these.

 adorei o video , é de muito enriquecimento para pessoas interessadas 

mas não achei solução para o meu problema.

não sei mais o que fazer com as fotos em condições de sol forte, as fotos ficam com o branco muito forte

se alguém tiver alguma idéia..... ou solução agradeço desde já  

 This is the 1st time I have seen this video lesson that you do. And I think that it is a great thing for people like me whom do not own a canon at the moment, but am considering  one, it was very  good comparing what the canon has and what my olympus dslr has  , I hope you keep these lessons going 

Kind regards Amature Photographer Stephen