Who Knew?: Celestron Weather Stations


Have you ever turned the news on and the weather man said that it would be nice and sunny out but instead ominous clouds hover above you later on? Well, if you want something a bit more accurate, the Celestron Weather Stations may be an option for you.

Each station has different features: some have barometers, some can measure the humidity, others have cool LCD displays and even have alarm clocks. These are great for:

- The studio manager that needs to figure out when would be the best time to do a shoot outside.

- The teacher that needs to plan ahead if the students can't go outside that day.

- Enthusiasts that want to chase storms.

- Night photographers that want to know the phases of the moon.

- Photographers that still shoot film that may want it to stay at a certain temperature.

- Sports coaches that want to know how the wind will affect their team's performance.

- Farmers that want to plan out their work schedule.

Those that want and need the most accurate weather readings will appreciate the most accurate reports in the convience of their own home/office.

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