Zack Arias: Amateur versus Professional?


What's the difference between an amateur and professional photographer? In this short video from his recent creativeLIVE weekend workshop, Zack Arias addresses this question from an online viewer. If you're getting paid, are you a pro? If you still love photography, are you an amateur? And who enjoys photography more?


According to Zack, "a pro is someone who can be consistent, can be relied on, and is a problem solver. You walk into the situation. There's this chaos in front of you, and you have to create a picture out of that chaos. You figure it out and you have a picture to deliver. If a paycheck is tied to that, awesome. If not, it doesn't mean you are any less professional."

This clip is part of Zack Arias's three-day creativeLIVE workshop on studio lighting, featuring: working with white seamless backdrops, stages, models and bands, plus a full Q&A. The complete 20+ hour recording is available at
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This video made a lot sense, wanting to be a pro photographer is like wanting to be a rock star.

I totally agree with Zack's vision of this matter.