Jeffrey acomb

This was taken at Blue hen falls in the Cuyahoga National Park. Its a great hike to take anytime of the year, spring to winter. Fall is a great time of the year and one of my favorites. Winter is a great time when ice builds up in giant structures. This was taken in the fall. The trees where really starting to show their color. I wanted to do some thing different with this shot. I used my old macbook and adobe to edit this. I played with saturation levels, contrast, sharpening, you name it. Just tweeting every little level I could. I also experimented with a couple of filters. The affect I was going for was to pull all the colors out to make the autumn colors pop and the regular everyday colors to take more of a back seat. I think I have been pretty impressed on how it came out. The fall colors jump right out and the rust from the iron in the rocks really flow down the falls. This photo has also won a few awards.