Citoria Lynn Nester

This image was inspired by the day of the died. I want to portray a spirt coming back. I first I turn the picture black and white, then crop the girl out so that I could get detail behind the girl, then open the same original picture and inverted it to get the ghost fell to her. then open the original photo agin turned it black and white cropped her face out and put the face on the inverted girl, to make the face look good I blended it into the Bodie. then I cropped out the inverted girl pasted on to the picture turn black and white and cropped the girl out. I messed with the brattiness and contrast and then turned the opposite down and erased the girl a little bit to make her translucent and blended. I did a lot of cloning to this image and I only used the original image form the final prod ducted.