Sasidhar Pamganamamula

Sometimes when you are doing street photography, there is a brief second where a subject connects with you on a much deeper level and, as a photographer and an artist, you strive to depict this in the final image.

One fine Florentine morning, as I was trying out some street photography at the central market (Mercado Centrale), I spotted a young lady weaving through the busy lane looking intently at her iPhone, as I got ready to take the shot, she briefly glanced up looking directly at the camera.

And in that moment, with the simple action of looking at the camera, time slowed down as she became isolated from the crowd. Everyone else was busy in their own world (looking away from the camera) while she alone was looking straight at it owning her role as the main subject.

I instantly knew how I wanted to process this. I hope I achieved the desired effect.