Sarah Thoenes

I've always wanted to shoot the Grand Canyon at sunset as the canyon is then "painted" with so many different colors. So, on a recent trip with our 4 children, we spent the day visiting many of the different stops on the south rim. I was searching for a spot where the Colorado River was clearly seen. However, by the time we reached this spot, the sun was gone. My kids noticed my dissapointment, and convinced me that they would love to drive the 2 1/2 hours back the next night to this spot and enjoy the sunset together. So, we did, and oh the memories we created. We hiked a ways down the path to a secluded rock out cropping. In the quiet evening, alone, we laughed and talked and watched the sun "paint." The unedited photo didn't capture what we had seen, so I edited it to what was etched in our memories!