Tyler Zettler

I always like bringing my camera with me on hikes. I went with a friend to "Stairway To Heaven" in Vernon, NJ. Nice hike with lots of views, but on our way into the trail, I saw these tracks and I joked about taking them to "Terminus". It's a place in the Walking Dead series. I instantly saw a good composition of the tracks and on our way back I positioned my camera and had my friend hit the remote switch. I liked it a lot but wanted to change that flat background and sky. I went through a few different versions before landing on this one. I used the sunset part from a Jersey City parking lot..but I saw how well I could mix the two together and it was just about done. I adjusted the tones of the original picture to match the sun and it came out better than expected. I fooled a couple people into thinking that was all one photo. That is probably my favorite part.