Bert GF Shankman

My passion is to see beauty in life as I interpret it through the form of flowers. Flowers are my metaphor for life. My objective is to give shape, texture and color to my feelings through the images I photograph.
I currently have a garden where I grow all of the flowers which I photograph. This way I am able to record all phases in the lives of my flowers in all kinds of weather. My objective is to create images which are a reflection of my feelings.
I have used focus-stacking as the first step in creating all of my pictures for 22 years, before this technique even had a name. I then blend other pictures of water, rocks, lichen, dirt and ink drawings, which I have modified, with the picture. I liken this stage to when I used to mix colors on my palette. I originally trained as a painter. This enables me to composite an image controlling the clarity and tones of the picture to correspond with my visualization of the final product.
My intent is to create an image, using flowers, that evokes a wide range of emotions. It is to be a mirror where I, the artist, and the audience share the ability to see ourselves.