Anders Damsgaard

This image was captured while I was visiting my parents in Denmark. During a night with clear skies I wanted to have a go at astrophotography. A wind turbine test center was located close by, where large turbines were tested during development. I thought that the rotational nature of wind turbines could work for a star trail composition. As the turbines were moving, I snapped an exposure during dusk with an ISO of over 100,000 and high shutter speed to have the moving blades frozen in time. After dusk I captured one hour of stacked 30 second exposures. All RAW images were processed in Capture One Pro 10, exported to StarStax for stair trail blending, and blended with the fast exposure in Adobe Photoshop CC 2016. I did not feel the colors contributed significantly to the image, so once back in Capture One Pro 10 I converted to black and white and added output sharpening. Thanks for looking!