Peter Beliaev

I took this image on the final day of my trip to Iceland. It was my first time leaving the country since I was a child and my first vacation in over 7 years, and I came with a mission of trying to capture Iceland in a way that was a bit unique from the rest. I drove north towards the coast and found a long trail that went alongside some of the most dramatic cliffs I have ever seen. I found this spot after hiking for about an hour. The clouds had set in as the day was slowly coming to an end. The color in the sky and in the water seemed to blend so well and I really wanted to capture that in my edit. I wanted to express the softness of the light, but also the contrast of the water and the black rocks, along with that single streak of light breaking through the clouds and reaching directly towards me. Out of all the dramatic and beautiful places, this one location was one of my favorites. One of the few places where you can walk for miles without encountering another tourist, and really just marvel and the brilliance of this country.