Michael Andrew Speckart

Where I live is an influence on who I am and the art I create. This panorama is a reflection of my reality. I live in Washington, Missouri, USA. I wanted to capture a photo that tells Washington's story at this moment in time. As the city changes, the art I produce and my story changes.

The 180 degree point of view extends the realism to hyper-realism: it is wider than the human eye can experience, and though it bends the objects in this 2D image, it supports the story I am telling. Just as the river bends around the landscape of my city, we feel the river's large importance to my city from its large proportion in the photograph.

To life long residents of Washington, this high resolution photo provides an opportunity to zoom in and see how the landscape and buildings of the city have changed, which in turn provides that audience the opportunity to reflect on how their life, too, has changed.