Business or Hobby? How One Photographer Strikes a Balance


Photography has been a big part of Deborah Sandidge's life ever since her first camera. It has evolved into a passion—and a profession.




Deborah, the author of the book Digital Infrared Photography, is an instructor for's online digital photography school. Deb’s favorite subjects include people, places, animals, and any subject that may catch her eye. She captures these images with her digital camera, but also does beautiful creative work in the digital darkroom. She considers Photoshop her "artist's palette."

For Deb Sandidge, it's all about balance. Even though she's a longtime pro photographer, she says: "I still want to have fun with my photography. It really fulfills a need to be creative for myself. At the same time, I have a personal drive to do well in my business—to expand my horizons and to further my career."

I had the pleasure of talking with Deb recently, and she shared her thoughts, insights, and the secrets to her success as a creative photographer. Check out my audio interview with Deborah Sandidge.

Incidentally, her favorite photography subjects include Florida's birds and other wildlife, as well as its landscapes. Her travels, however, have also taken her from coast to coast of America, and beyond. Recently, the architecture and people of Cuba have captured her attention.

"Photography," she says, "is a form of communication—communicating my vision with the viewer. And when I make a successful image, I feel very complete—very fulfilled."

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