Choosing the Right Sonos Speaker for the Choosy Dad

Choosing the Right Sonos for the Choosy Dad

If you’re shopping for Sonos speakers for the picky dad in your life this Father’s Day, it can seem like a daunting task. After all, there are individual speakers, speaker sets, outdoor and in-wall/ceiling speakers, and dedicated home theater speakers to choose from. To help you choose the right speaker or set of speakers, I’ll provide some typical scenarios to help you narrow down the search for dad’s gift.

For Music, Podcasts, and Internet Radio in Compact Areas

I know from personal experience that apartments, condos, and the like can feel small, especially those with kids. If your family lives in one of the above, or have space restrictions for other reasons, the Sonos One or the Sonos PLAY:1 would be a good choice. They have a compact 4.7 x 4.7" footprint for easy placement on a shelf and output at a deceptively high volume, so you could use one to fill a small- to medium-sized room with sound, or a pair (or more) in bigger areas, such as a loft or large studio. Additionally, both the One and the PLAY:1 are humidity resistant, so dad can enjoy long, hot showers while listening to whatever he wants.

Aside from the Sonos One being controllable by Amazon Alexa, and some aesthetic differences, they’re virtually identical speakers. As with all Sonos speakers, if you get more than one, they can be grouped together to play the same song. This is particularly useful if you’re hosting a gathering and want the same music playing in the living room and dining room, or wherever else your guests might park themselves. You could also pair two of them to achieve true stereo sound.

Music, Podcasts, and Internet Radio in Larger Areas

If you’re looking for more power for a large room or area, the PLAY:5 would fill the bill. It has three tweeters and three mid-woofers, all discretely amplified, and two can also be set up as a stereo pair. The PLAY:5 is also humidity resistant, if you happen to have room for it in your bathroom. If the dad in your life likes to work in the garage with noisy power tools, but still wants to enjoy audio without headphones, one or more of these is the way to go.

The Outdoorsy Dad

Thanks to a partnership with Sonance, Sonos now offers speakers specifically designed for use outdoors. The Outdoor speakers can resist heat, cold, water, humidity, salt spray, and UV rays, and are designed to be connected to a Sonos Amp inside the house. Of course, as part of the Sonos ecosystem, the Amp allows you to play the same music outdoors, as well as indoors, so dad and guests can enjoy a seamless music experience in the living room, by the pool, or while working the grill.

Home Theater

Full disclosure: When I think of a home theater system, Sonos isn’t the first brand to pop into my mind, although it really should be. If you have Sonos speakers in every room in the house, why not use Sonos to power your home theater? Not only would you get theater-like sound, you’d get the interoperability with other speakers for which Sonos is known.

The Beam is a basic soundbar that provides TV audio with Alexa and AirPlay 2 functionality built in. Stepping up the home theater audio quality is the Sonos PLAYBAR, which is a 3-channel soundbar designed to provide clear dialogue from the dedicated center channel, while leaving the sound effects to come from the left and right channels. Either of these two can be placed on your TV stand or mounted to the wall above or (preferably) below your TV. The PLAYBASE, on the other hand, is designed to be placed on a piece of furniture, such as your TV stand, and supports the weight of your TV, up to 77 lb.

If dad’s looking for a discreet home theater setup, the In-Wall or In-Ceiling speakers feature paintable grilles, allowing them to blend into your décor easily. Like the Outdoor speakers, these are also designed to be powered by the Sonos Amp.

Adding a SUB wireless subwoofer module will increase the “boominess” of the bass from dad’s movie soundtracks and music, while adding any other pair of Sonos speakers (two One or two PLAY:5 speakers, for instance) will complete dad’s 5.1-channel setup.

To optimize the home theater experience, Trueplay technology tailors the sound for the entire home theater system to the specific room in which the speakers are installed. This can be done via the Sonos app on any compatible iOS device.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, if dad likes to listen to music or podcasts and has a power outlet and an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection, Sonos has a speaker for him. Of course, if you need more help choosing the right speaker, come into the B&H SuperStore to check out what we have on display, or speak to our friendly, knowledgeable salespeople over the phone at 800-606-6969, or via chat or email.

If you’re looking for a Sonos speaker for dad, yourself, or someone else, let us know in the Comments section, below!