How to Find the Perfect Universal Remote Control


As stubborn as it can be, winter always ends. For a while there it seems as if the cold weather isn’t quite ready to bid its farewell, but literally like clockwork, along comes spring and, with it, our desire to tidy things up a bit. As we let more sunlight into homes and bask in the delight of warmer weather, it’s only natural that we look around and begin to visualize a neater and more organized way of life, at least for the next few months. Sure, you could put a fresh coat of paint on your walls, pack away your winter clothes, or build a new shelf for your hats, but where’s the fun in that? Let’s start with something a little easier; you don’t have to look beyond your coffee table to find an opportunity to spruce up the joint. You can begin your spring cleaning with those multiple remote controls many of us have lying around, eating up valuable potato-chip real estate. With their many shapes, sizes, and battery requirements, perhaps this opportunity is overdue. Thankfully, it’s also easy to execute.

When it comes to home entertainment, the remote control is often a forgotten accessory. Rather than just another add-on, I believe a legitimate argument can be made that having a competent remote control is essential to your enjoyment. Obvious advantages aside for a minute, some universal remotes offer features not found on many of the standard remotes that come with your A/V gear—features such as backlit keys, learning capabilities, and computer connectivity. Even if none of these features appeal to you, there’s no denying the convenience of turning multiple remote controls into one. Furthermore, you don’t need a rack full of A/V gear to enjoy the full potential of a universal remote; even cord-cutters who take a minimalist approach can now ditch their separate TV, streaming device, and stereo remote in favor of a single, streamlined device. Even better, remote controls are easier to program and operate than people think—with a little patience and the push of a few buttons, you will be well on your way to simplifying your home-entertainment experience.

A Simple Approach

If you have just a few components and remote-control consolidation is your main concern, Sony offers an option that can get the job done with little fuss. The RM-EZ4 infrared remote can control your display and cable/satellite box and is a great solution for those looking for function and simplicity. While Sony is a home entertainment power player that offers a plethora of its own A/V equipment, this universal remote control supports a wide library of pre-programmed codes that allow it to support most major equipment brands.

Sony RM-EZ4 Remote Control

Simple but Sophisticated

When it comes to features, Harmony’s 650 remote control offers a bevy of them. In addition to supporting thousands of brands, this universal remote is equipped with glow-in-the-dark buttons, a 1.5" color display, and USB connectivity. The 650 can control up to eight devices and it is equipped with one-click activity buttons that allow it to execute a series of programmed commands automatically, often referred to in the remote-control world as “macros.” Simply pressing the “Watch Movie” button makes the remote power-on the correct components and even tunes them to their correct inputs. Similarly, pressing the “All Off” button when you’re finished will completely power-off your system. It’s as simple as that; there’s even a Help button to help the remote get back on track if needed. As a benefit, the buttons are backlit, making it easy to control your equipment in a dark home theater room.

Harmony/Logitech 650 Remote Control

If wielding this kind of power sounds intimidating, don’t be alarmed—the 650 simply connects to a PC or Mac via its USB interface while its free downloadable software allows you to customize the remote’s screens and button commands easily; a USB cable is included. It can even learn commands from your existing remote controls, allowing your factory remotes to take an extended hibernation. Like the previously mentioned Sony remotes, the 650 features IR communication, which requires a clear line of sight with your components.

A Step Up

If the 650 wasn’t impressive enough, or if you’re more used to tapping and swiping than pressing buttons, Harmony’s Touch universal remote control ups the ante with touchscreen operation. It’s ready for even the most demanding A/V systems with its ability to control up to 15 components. 50 customizable easy-select icons allow you to access your favorite channels using an image you’ve selected.

Harmony/Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote

Use your own Smart Device

You keep your phone with you all the time, and your tablet probably isn’t too far away, either. Why not get the SmashToast PUCK and use your phone or tablet to control your home entertainment system? Once you download the dedicated app to your iOS or Android device, it will then connect to the PUCK via Bluetooth, which will then control your devices via its built-in IR transmitter. The PUCK includes two such devices, so you can control your A/V components that are hidden away in a cabinet or closet, as well as those that are out in the open, like your display. For even more control, there’s also the PUCK 4-pack.

SmashToast PUCK Wireless Bluetooth Low-Energy-to-Infrared Bridge

Saying Goodbye to Clutter

Winter will be here again before you know it, but there’s no need to welcome it with the clutter of seasons past. Whether you’re looking for something simple, sophisticated, or high end, there’s a universal remote control that can accommodate your needs without frustrating you in the process. Sure, you can keep your multiple remotes—technically there’s nothing wrong with doing so—but why should you? If expense is a concern, many remote controls are as affordable as they are convenient. If you’re concerned about a learning curve, remotes like the Harmony models mentioned above allow you to have the customized experience to which we have grown accustomed, thanks to the other smart devices in our lives. Frankly, there’s no good excuse not to make the remote-control upgrade that you and your system deserve, and at B&H we offer a variety of options for controlling your A/V gear. If you need help deciding which device is right for you, contact us. We’re here to help you and that coffee table of yours. Now you can do something else with all that extra space—a VR headset perhaps?

Are you looking for a universal remote control? Do you own one of these devices and want to rave about it? Let us know in the Comments section, below, to join the conversation!


Don't forget the ANYMOTE configurable universal remote for Android phones & tablets. If your device has one, it uses the IR blaster, but an even better feature is their hardware PUCK that sits in front of your geat and gets all the remote events from your phone via WiFi, so you can be anywhere in the house. It's also being constantly improved (they're up to about 900,000 codes so far, and new customizability, macros, etc.).

I'm not connected with Anymote in any way, but I really like using my phone (or tab) as a universal remote. 

Thanks for the suggestion, Allen! That's a great idea for IR-equipped smartphones and tablets. 

This article seems to promote old products, that have been discontinued by the manufacturer. So, designed to sell old stock versus help customers get a current solution that will serve well in years to come. Thanks a lot - not. Used to getting better from B&H.